Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm still here!

So long story short.. I couldn't log into my blogger for about the past four months.I finally figured out the reason & that wont be happening again! {I hope!}

I have a lot to say on here but it will all have to be caught up a little at a time. I have Halloween, Thanksgiving,Christmas & a few other fun things we did at the end of last year to fill you in on.

I just wanted to do a brief message to keep family & friends updated on us.

Robbie has started his new command here in Pensacola. He made it to advanced where he is training for just that, advance jets. To keep it simple, think Top Gun! He is really enjoying it. If you know anything about Robbie, it is that he has ALWAYS wanted to be in jets. I'm very proud of him for reaching his goal. He still has about 9 months worth of training ( yes, here in hot, humid Pensacola!) so we are expecting a move sometime this fall. We are both really hoping for Whidbey Island in Washington. But would be just as happy to move to Lemoore, CA or back to Virginia Beach, VA. These are our transfer options from here on out! It really does fill so good to know a little more then when we first started this long process!

I'm doing a little bit of everything these days! I got called to be in the Young Womens program for our church in January & had no idea just how busy that would really keep me. I've really enjoyed it so far & love getting to know the girls, they are a lot of fun! I also have been running this year & actually sticking to it! I have seen some results so far in the short amount of time I have been doing it which keeps me motivated & eager to keep running. My time is improving with each run & so is my waist line! {yay for me! ;)} I am doing other things to keep me busy like scrap booking or reading a good book. Most of what I like to spend my time on, or better who, is my family. When Robbie gets to be home with us it is all about family time for the four of us & I LOVE it. When he is not home with us, the kids & I find fun things to do together. We color, we dance, we bake & we chase, we build forts & we read. I cherish every moment I have with these two.

Trenton is still loving preschool! He just learned how to spell his name with some Valentine homework, he wrote out about 20 cards & got really good at writing it! He started out a little backwards going from right to left & then didn't understand that the letters go in a row not where ever his creative juices told him! but eventually he got it & it looks awesome. It was so fun to teach him that & watch him get it! He loves to color, play with his cars & trains he loves playing with stickers, & his new video game ( the leapster explorer) with limited time, he would play it all day if we let him & so it begins! He is taking swimming lessons again & doing really well. He is a very big helper & a very good big brother. Trenton teaches me patients in two ways everyday. One to be patient with him, he's still little! & two how patient he is while Elaina is cranky. He just sits for a minute while I try to help her with what ever she needs & then when she is happy & content he asks for what he would like. I really love this about him, instead of demanding my attention to get his snack or drink first he quietly sits & waits. I'll never understand how a three year old can do that but it is truly an admirable quality I hope he keeps as he grows.

Elaina is growing like a little wild flower! She is very interested in her ABC's. She loves reading anything she can get her hands on & she LOVES to color.She walks around the house all day with a 3x5 index card & a pen & just color on it, she loves it so much. She is starting to get interested in the "potty" & even sits on it here & there but has yet to do the deed! Her favorite thing in the world is her brother. She loves playing with him. She will sit & play cars with him & then she'll take off & play tea party by herself, & then be right back on Trenton's heels, she is a very busy little girl! She loves to dance, & play with her dolls as well. She has given up her naps completely which sometimes makes for hard evenings but is nice in a lot of ways. No more nap schedule to keep means we can go anywhere anytime & I like that.

That's us in a nutshell! I'll get those other posts on here soon & then hopefully a new post each week, hopefully!