Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet baby girl Elaina turned one on me!!

One of my favorites from the night!

Yep she went & turned the big one, uno, un, een, 01! I can't believe it has been one year since I held my baby girl for the first time. She has grown into such an amazing, fun, full of sugar & spice little girl. She lights up a room when she joins it & always finds ways to make us smile. She is my favorite little girl in the world!
We had a pretty fun little birthday party for her. We did a small BBQ & then gifts & birthday cake. We were able to have both of our computers hooked up to Skype { thank you Adam & Shanna} & were able to have two of her grandparents watch her dig into her cake & when I say dig I MEAN DIG! She has been to two birthday parties this past month & has watched as others got to eat their cake so she knew what she was doing & she was going to do it right! I'll let the pictures do the talking!Opening some gifts.Her own little cake.Everyone set up & ready to watch.
She knew what it was the second I brought it out!

She got a little angry when I wouldn't just give it to her, she didn't understand the sing happy birthday part!

Trenton blew the candle out for her.

This cake never stood a chance!This is delicious guys!

This is my favorite cake picture.

It was so fun to watch her eat her cake something I'll never forget.

I'm so thankful for you Elaina. I Love you, Happy Birthday!


Seven years & still no itch!!

Robbie & I celebrated our seven year anniversary a few weekends ago, it was so nice. We had visitors in town so we all headed out to the "big" Pensacola beach for the afternoon. We were once again the totting family of four + two (our visitors) & all our chairs, toys & bags smack dab in the middle of beautiful, early twenty somethings, who by noon were "feeling" good on their spring break! None the less we found our perfect spot on the beach to call our own for the afternoon & enjoyed every second of the water, sun & sand! We were fortunate enough to pick two young couples who didn't mind a few tantrums & some sand throwing! They admired Elaina in her quest of "whats in the sand" & Trenton's sandcastle smashing! After a few hours of people watching err I mean soaking up the sun we decided to head up to the shops & find some Pensacola beach souvenirs. While we were walking on the boardwalk there just happened to be a craw fish festival wonderful...(insert sarcasm here) The smell hit me like a brick wall & for the first time in my life & after hundreds of not so pleasant diapers I gaged so hard I almost threw up from a smell. I was so thankful that there was nothing really left on that side of the boardwalk because I turned & B-lined it back to the parking lot. ( sorry to my visitors who probably wouldn't have mind trying a craw fish) On that note the sun was heading down & we decided to head home before the party got big!
Our visitors were so great to let us go out on a date while they watched the kids for us. We went to what is becoming one of our favorite restaurants out here called Dharma Blue. It is downtown in an old Victorian style house. The walls are high & painted the most fun colors with some pretty fun pictures on the walls. The food is dreamy & delicious! We headed over to a movie after dinner & enjoyed a high action packed flick, then headed home. It was a really great way to celebrate 7 years!
To my wonderful husband. I love you & I'm happy you asked me to marry you!