Wednesday, March 30, 2011

double digits!

Elaina turned 10 months old this month. I can not believe how fast they grow, I swear I was just writing Trenton's 10 month post! Here are some very fun things that are happening in our home that Elaina does each day! ~She is trying very hard to stand with no help & is very interested in watching kids around her walk {not too far in our future she should be joining them!} ~ She is in love with her daddy. Every time Robbie walks in the door Elaina lights up. Cutest thing ever {Robbie actually gets out of "trouble" by using Elaina, he'll make her smile & laugh & bring her to me so I wont be upset anymore, dirty little trick he has there!} ~She loves playing with Trenton. He makes her laugh all the time. ~She loves playing with Trenton's cars. ~She loves books,books & more books. ~She enjoys looking out the front door & watching the world. ~She is getting sassy! When she is upset she will throw herself on her tummy & do a rolling number. It's actually pretty funny & cute! ~She still only has her two bottom teeth {I don't mind much, it makes her look little, little still.} But that doesn't stop her from eating all day everyday. ~She is learning to master the sippy cup, just water for now, hopefully in just a few months we can kick the bottle & formula like a bad habit! ~She goes to our printer & knows exactly what buttons to push to get it to spit out a sheet of paper then she snags it up & starts chewing on it... funny yet frustrating! ~She has been enjoying our trips to the beach, she has just started to venture back into the sand, for a while she would just watch Trenton & Eli (our little buddy) play in the sand. ~She loves dancing when the music is playing & she LOVES twirling with mama! I'm not sure on her weight & height this month. She has lost a little bit of her round baby cheeks & looks a little slender. She is definitely starting to look like a toddler & not a baby these days. We love Laina with all our hearts & are so happy for the joy she brings us each day.