Sunday, February 13, 2011


Elaina has just turned 9 months old this past week & I can not believe it! I was doing these posts for Trenton his first year & have had the best intentions in doing them for Elaina...I suck! with our being in limbo with out our computer for a few weeks & then our two moves & the holidays I was having a hard time doing any blogging & scrap booking. Well the holidays are over & we have set into our routine & now I can blog! So here is Elaina's 9 month updates!

weight is: 19 lbs 3oz
Height is: 27.17 inches
She has two bottom teeth!

She is a little chunky for her age but not too bad. I love it, more of her to love!
She is quit the crawler & despite our tile floors through out the whole house she is very fast! She is interested in girl toys like dolls & stuffed animals but you can bet if her brother is building something or driving cars she has to be there with him to play, she LOVES cars!

She is a daddy's girl all the way & loves welcoming him home with a HUGE Elaina smile!
But when she is sad or sick she loves to cuddle with mama!
She loves putting things in her mouth {what kid doesn't} some of her favorites are paper, carpet pieces {yikes} & toys!
She has recently started to pull herself up. This new "trick" of hers drives her big brother a little crazy because he can no longer move something back just a little to keep it out of her reach!

Elaina has brought so much joy to all of us & we love watching her grow & learn!
Love you Laina, laina

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pensacola Beach!

When we got to Pensacola things were not looking good for our home & we were all worn out & frustrated. My Dad & step mom were in town, they had driven with Robbie from Salt lake, And my sister was in town as well, she flew with me & the kids. I felt like we were all couped up in the house that SO didn't feel like a home. So on my dad & Val's last day in town instead of unpacking & arguing because of so much frustration we decided to leave the mess at the house & head for the beach... it was the BEST decision!

This was Trenton & Elaina's first adventure to the beach & they loved it, especially Trent.
We played in the water & enjoyed the very warm comfortable weather! This was on October 15 { yep I'm that good at blogging right now!} & I just couldn't believe how warm & beautiful it was!
My sister sent a text picture out to our families of me,rob & the kids on the beach & my brother replied "she is going to trade her snow shoes in to become a beach bum".... { shhhh, don't tell anyone but he might be right!} I had forgotten how relaxing & wonderful the beach truly is, the sound of the birds & waves, the feel of the ocean & sand, the smell of fresh air, I love it all & can't wait to get back there in a few weeks when the weather is really great!

Trenton Wasn't too sure about the beach at first.

Or the water but he warmed up to them & asks to go to the beach ALL the time now!

Elaina didn't mind it at all, she seemed to enjoy the warm water.

You have to get one of these pictures! toes in the sand!

Trenton & grandpa playing in the sand.& feeding the seagulls!He was so relaxed & happy at the beach. I really can't wait to take him back.

This story with this picture cracks me up. When we were driving to the beach we could see that big ball {in the background} & I told Robbie "that is the "famous" Pensacola beach ball" he asked "what is SO famous about that?" I told him that is in a lot of peoples pictures when they come to the beach & Robbie being his funny self says " that's dumb" I defended it for a only a minute & that was the end of discussing the "the ball" well we were all together & my sister was taking pictures & she captured this one on her phone. {above} I hadn't seen it until later when she sent it to me & I started laughing so hard. Robbie asks what I was laughing about & I show him the picture & say "see it is in every ones Pensacola beach pictures" {it is the big thing sticking out over Robbie's shoulder} He started to laugh then too & we enjoyed the moment & our picture!

What a great day!

We love & miss our families & friends, but we are also so thankful to be together in such a beautiful place.