Friday, January 21, 2011


The Taylor's
Robert,Queli, Trenton {2} Elaina {7mos}

Our Christmas was nice. We missed our families like crazy but were fortunate enough to spend it with some very close friends. {One great thing about the Navy is it really is a pretty small community & you are bound to end up living around friends from other stations.}
We had Christmas eve dinner with the Myers, Shanna made such a wonderful dinner & visiting was so nice! We got home in time to get the kids ready for bed so Santa could come. We were so excited for his visit.

Trent kind of understood the whole Santa thing & was really getting into the whole holiday this year. We were able to put up two trees, which Trent loved decorating & turning on every morning. He would even walk around the house singing Jingle bells it really was SO cute!

Well Christmas morning came & we fed the kids some breakfast & then went to see if Santa clause had visited & what do you know, he did!
Trent got some more of the Cars,cars, he was very excited about that. He got some books & some treats. He was also VERY showered with gifts from our families. One thing about Trent is he is very particular about how he does things. { most people who know me blame me for making Trent OCD about things but I swear he is just built that way, every since he could play with things he has been particular with how they go!} I personally LOVE this little trait he has. Here is an example of what I am talking about. It took Trent until 7:00 PM to finish un wrapping all his gifts, he would un wrap one & just have to play with it, figure out how it worked, what it did & then place it nicely with the rest of his toys. When he was finished playing with that toy he would come & find us to let us know he was ready to open another gift & start the whole process over again. Robbie & I were getting a little frustrated when this was going on in the morning because we knew we had guests coming over for Breakfast so we really wanted him to finish so we could start & then it hit us WHY? we have no place to hurry off too & if he wants to keep Christmas going all day then let him & that is exactly how Trent made this Christmas so special. he taught us how to relax & go on "two year old" time & to tell you the truth it was one of the BEST Christmas's ever.
Elaina was really fun too. Although she has no idea who that Jolly ol' man in the red suite is yet she still enjoyed the day. Santa brought her a cabbage patch baby doll, a very cute blanket & some treats as well. She had a blast playing in the paper & loved putting everything into her mouth!
We had our friends the Myers over for Christmas breakfast, Robbie really did an amazing job, He got his dads recipe for sough dough pancakes & they we a HUGH success! I think we could have eaten them all day! We were able to spend some time with Shanna & Adam & their little man Eli & just enjoy the holiday in a slow, relaxing way!
After they headed home we were able to skype with our families, this actually was an all day thing & really fun to see everyone! I am so thankful that we had close friends to spend Christmas with & the technology to see & visit with our families!
We hope you all had a VERY Merry Christmas!

Here are some pictures of our Christmas!
Our treeSanta's visit!Trenton checking out his Cars Santa brought, He LOVES them!Elaina checking out her doll. She was pretty interested in her for a little while!

This was the only picture I could get of Trenton & he had to be bribed to do so * sigh* two year olds!
Laina was all for pictures! Her Aunt Emery has taken ob the hobby of making these very cute baby dresses & laina is profiting well from it!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, January 14, 2011


As you guys all know we were in the middle of a big transfer & then the first house didn't work out at all & so we were also in the middle of a move to a new house. This all taking place in October & November so I wasn't able to blog pretty much at all. I wanted to just get our Halloween out there mostly for me to look back on.

Trenton was Woody from Toy Story. He loves that movie so that was a very appropriate costume! Elaina was a ghost & my sister pointed out that with her flower & headband she looked like a flapper ghost!

We went to a Navy function Halloween carnival & met up with some friends. Trent was mostly interested in the beach & water so he didn't care much for the games & such. Right after that we went to our church for what they call trunk or Treat. It always makes me feel good to take the kids to that because we know who we are trick or treating with!

Robbie took Trenton around our block & he said he loved it but got a little tired as they got up the street. That seems about right for a two year old! Trenton was VERY excited to learn that all that candy was his & that night we let him dig through it & eat some. He had a blast!
Halloween was fun. I was sad that I wasn't able to decorate for it because I LOVE decorating for the holidays but hopefully, if we are not moving again this fall, I will be able to decorate this cute new house of ours!

So hears to a late a Happy Halloween, We hope yours was haunting!!

Trenton looking so cute in his woody costume.

Elaina as a very cute ghost!

Trenton digging through his candy & finding one of his all time classic, the sucker!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hangin' with my siblings

The Sunday before I moved out if state I was able to get with all my siblings & their significant others {AKA my sister in laws & brother in law!} We got together to have dinner at the Cheesecake factory & it was, as always, oh so yummy & fun!
I really enjoyed the time I was able to spend with them & I want to let them know that I love them so much & I miss them all.

This is my oldest brother Jason & My sister in law Lisa

This is my sister Alyson & her clan Bill {L} & Braedon {R}

This is my other older brother Jake & my sister in law Emery.

& us.. Oh wait Robbie can't keep his eyes open for anything, I decided to help him! Lets try this again!....

& us.Ha ha I love him!

This was a really fun night & I am so happy we were all able to get together before Robbie & I moved.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Green River

Every year when I was a little girl my family would pack our trailer up & head down to Green River Utah for the weekend, not just any weekend it was always Watermelon days weekend. My parents owned a popcorn shop so we wouled set up a popcorn stand & it was a pretty good hit. The best seller that weekend would always be watermelon flavored popcorn, I know your thinking ewww that doesn't sound so great, but let me reassure you it was AMAZING, along with the other 31 flavors of popcorn our store would carry. ok I am getting off the story here!

The weekend would go a little something like this... get to Green river late on Friday night, set up the booth, wake up at the crack of dawn to get to the one main road in this tiny town to watch the parade {always fun!} head over to the same mom & pop shop for a very good breakfast of pancakes & bacon, then head over to the park for the rest of the day. When I was little I would visit the booths with my mom, then usually tag along with my older brother Jake {which meant he got the very wonderful job of entertaining me for the day so that usually meant playground galor!...Sorry Jake!} As I got older I was allowed to bring a friend. This was around the time boys lost their "cuties" & all of a sudden became cute & interesting. At this point I always wanted to go because we did the same things but during the day we checked out the cute boys & then met them at the dance that night that was at the tiny high school {this was the best part of the weekend when I was a teenager!}

After that my parents sold the popcorn shop, none of my siblings wanted to go & I had no reason to go by myself so I hadn't been for quite a few years. Well the past three years Robbie & I have tried to go down with my mom, step dad & older sister but were never able to SO this year we made it something that had to happen before we moved out of state. We packed up the kids for a long car ride {which they both did amazingly} & drove about 150 miles south. We got there just in time to check into our hotel have some dinner & sleep. We had a room with two queen beds & I some how got stuck sleeping in the middle of a very wiggly two year old & tiny 4 month old & Robbie got a bed all to himself! That's ok I don't mind, I love being the mommy! In the morning we got up & went to breakfast & then headed over to that one main road & once again watched the wonderful parade. Trenton was very excited to see the old cars & he ooh'd & ahhh'd along with his daddy & he had a blast catching candy with his grandma. Elaina was pretty excited to be out seeing so many things at one time but she really love the marching bands that were there. She would just stop & look as they passed. It was really very cute! One of the great perks of the day is they have trucks full of watermelon at each end of the park & you just walk right up & get a slice as big as your head for free, all the watermelon you can stand, free all day. This is particularly great if you love watermelon. I out did it when I was about nine years old & have yet to do it again! Trenton on the other hand enjoyed his piece very much & that made it so much fun!

This was a really great weekend, I got to see some family I haven't seen in years {my mom was born in Green river & has family there.} I got to relax from all the moving mumbo jumbo & watch my kids have a great time & just got see the tiny four block, three mile town I would spend every third weekend of September in. It was really nice!

See, seriously this is how we slept that night. I was right in the middle holding them both so they didn't go tumbling down!

He was pretty excited about the day that was in front of him!

The beginning of the parade.

Catching some candy with Grandma & Grandpa

Some of the cars my boys loved!

One of the marching band Laina loved

Cute baby Laina sporting her watermelon dress!

Trying out the watermelon...

Liking it...

Going back for more...

& more....

& more....

& finally one happy little man!

Thursday, January 06, 2011


I want to start with saying sorry. I feel that if I had any actual blog readers out there you have given up on me! I finally have a few minutes to sit & write. I need to start with a blog that should have been done back in September.

My sweet baby girl Elaina had her baby blessing in September. Our baby blessings in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints are given to babies to announce them officially in the church records with their full name & then they are given the blessing that can help them through live.For example some things Robert blessed Elaina with are to be able to choose good friends that will help her make right choices & that she can do the same for them. This line sticks out to me whenever I think about her blessing, simply because this world is a hard place & knowing that our daughter will be blessed with good friends, & that she in return will be a good friend, makes it seem a little easier to bear! This is just one of the wonderful things she was blessed with. I have the whole blessing recorded for her to read when she gets older.

The pictures I have posted are home taken pictures of her. I know years down the road... nope already, I regret not having her pictures taken professionally in her dress. Her dress fits her personality to a "T". beautifully stunning without over doing it! If you have met Elaina she has probably greeted you with her amazingly bright eyes,crinkled nose big smile! She will welcome you no matter who you are.

I just want to take a minute and tell my sweet Elaina Kate that I love you & you have opened my heart,yet again, to things & love I never thought could exist. You are amazing, thank you for choosing me to be your mama!

I love her cute little face! She was just learning how to roll over here so her arms were a little wild!

Love those baby blues!

So this one is for the dress purpose only. as I said she had just learned how to roll over & so being on her back was no longer fun. She wouldn't smile for anyone while on her back. This is also proof that I will regret not getting professional pictures taken.

Love this baby girl!