Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I've got a story about a monkey...

That little monkeys name is Trenton, one night at bedtime little monkey Trenton was jumping on his bed { unknown to his mother, who had just left the bedroom } while jumping on his bed he was having a glorious time { I'm sure! } & then that little monkey Trenton fell off his bed, much like the song goes, " he fell off & bumped his head" ma ma called the daddy & the daddy said... "Dang it Trenton that's why we tell you no jumping on the bed!"

Ma ma then took Trenton to the ER & had three stitches put into her three year sons old head.... Ma ma & monkey Trenton were sad { so was daddy! }

This was taken the morning after, not too much bruising...yet! { he is sporting his hospital stickers on his shirt!}

Pretty happy for having a good shiner! {about half way through the week}

The night before we had them taken out { 7 days } He was playing while I was taking pictures.

*Please take note of the bruise on his forehead... two days after he got stitches her drove his train into the table & bumped his head again...ma ma had a heart attack! silly kid!
The classic Trenton "cheese" Pose!

I always knew Trenton would be getting stitches in his life, he's just too active & wild not to. I didn't think he would do it at three!
I love this boy!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I can't believe how fast it goes...

Trenton {2 weeks old}

Elaina { hours old }

"Cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow. But children grow up,as I've learned to my sorrow. So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust, go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby. Babies don't keep."
~Ruth Hulburt Hamilton

Trenton { 3 years old }

Elaina { 1 year old }

My mom has had that quote my whole life & it never really meant anything to me until now, I love it. I try to follow this more then having the perfectly clean house now days, My babies ( like all babies!) are growing too fast & I need to cherish these days & play with them, they are more fun the housework anyway! ;)

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Swimming Lessons!

We started Trent in Swim lessons this past month & he seems to enjoy it & hate it all at the same time! I think he really likes it but just gets a little nervous when it is his turn. We signed him up for another month in hopes that he'll end up loving it! Here are some fun pictures of him.
Swimming with his teacher.

Swimming solo to the wall.Jumping!
They have to "Spider climb" the wall back to the stairs after they jump. (the teacher is right next to him but I got a close up without her in it) I love his face in this picture, he has his happy look in his eyes!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet baby girl Elaina turned one on me!!

One of my favorites from the night!

Yep she went & turned the big one, uno, un, een, 01! I can't believe it has been one year since I held my baby girl for the first time. She has grown into such an amazing, fun, full of sugar & spice little girl. She lights up a room when she joins it & always finds ways to make us smile. She is my favorite little girl in the world!
We had a pretty fun little birthday party for her. We did a small BBQ & then gifts & birthday cake. We were able to have both of our computers hooked up to Skype { thank you Adam & Shanna} & were able to have two of her grandparents watch her dig into her cake & when I say dig I MEAN DIG! She has been to two birthday parties this past month & has watched as others got to eat their cake so she knew what she was doing & she was going to do it right! I'll let the pictures do the talking!Opening some gifts.Her own little cake.Everyone set up & ready to watch.
She knew what it was the second I brought it out!

She got a little angry when I wouldn't just give it to her, she didn't understand the sing happy birthday part!

Trenton blew the candle out for her.

This cake never stood a chance!This is delicious guys!

This is my favorite cake picture.

It was so fun to watch her eat her cake something I'll never forget.

I'm so thankful for you Elaina. I Love you, Happy Birthday!


Seven years & still no itch!!

Robbie & I celebrated our seven year anniversary a few weekends ago, it was so nice. We had visitors in town so we all headed out to the "big" Pensacola beach for the afternoon. We were once again the totting family of four + two (our visitors) & all our chairs, toys & bags smack dab in the middle of beautiful, early twenty somethings, who by noon were "feeling" good on their spring break! None the less we found our perfect spot on the beach to call our own for the afternoon & enjoyed every second of the water, sun & sand! We were fortunate enough to pick two young couples who didn't mind a few tantrums & some sand throwing! They admired Elaina in her quest of "whats in the sand" & Trenton's sandcastle smashing! After a few hours of people watching err I mean soaking up the sun we decided to head up to the shops & find some Pensacola beach souvenirs. While we were walking on the boardwalk there just happened to be a craw fish festival wonderful...(insert sarcasm here) The smell hit me like a brick wall & for the first time in my life & after hundreds of not so pleasant diapers I gaged so hard I almost threw up from a smell. I was so thankful that there was nothing really left on that side of the boardwalk because I turned & B-lined it back to the parking lot. ( sorry to my visitors who probably wouldn't have mind trying a craw fish) On that note the sun was heading down & we decided to head home before the party got big!
Our visitors were so great to let us go out on a date while they watched the kids for us. We went to what is becoming one of our favorite restaurants out here called Dharma Blue. It is downtown in an old Victorian style house. The walls are high & painted the most fun colors with some pretty fun pictures on the walls. The food is dreamy & delicious! We headed over to a movie after dinner & enjoyed a high action packed flick, then headed home. It was a really great way to celebrate 7 years!
To my wonderful husband. I love you & I'm happy you asked me to marry you!

Monday, April 11, 2011

One,Two, THREE!!!

Trenton turned three today, WOW! I swear I just brought him home yesterday. He is such an amazing person. He is kind & loving & tender. He is also a ball of energy & smart, very smart. He is a helpful little guy, he loves helping with the laundry, dishes & sweeping {I'll take his help while he is willing to give it!} He LOVES catching frogs & lizards with his daddy & dancing with mama. He colors me the best pictures I've ever seen & decorates my fridge with them, I love them! He is an amazing big brother to Elaina {secretly I think Trenton is her favorite! *wink* }
Today We went & did one of Trenton's favorite things, go see the air plans! He loves seeing all of them. This was the first time he asked for a particular plane & that was the " shark" plane the B-40P from the '40's. He loves seeing the Blue Angels & playing in the planes that you are able to climb into! Then we went to a little Cupcake shoppe & let Trenton pick out a few cupcakes for his birthday, then we picked up some dinner & headed home. We got home & ate, opened gifts & played with them & then we skyped a little with family. After that we sat down & had cupcakes & ice cream & watched movies. It really was a fun way to celebrate THREE!
I can honestly say that my heart grew the first time I saw & heard Trenton. He is my happiness & laughter & I LOVE him with every piece of my heart. I love you Trenton coy!

This is my favorite picture of the night!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

double digits!

Elaina turned 10 months old this month. I can not believe how fast they grow, I swear I was just writing Trenton's 10 month post! Here are some very fun things that are happening in our home that Elaina does each day! ~She is trying very hard to stand with no help & is very interested in watching kids around her walk {not too far in our future she should be joining them!} ~ She is in love with her daddy. Every time Robbie walks in the door Elaina lights up. Cutest thing ever {Robbie actually gets out of "trouble" by using Elaina, he'll make her smile & laugh & bring her to me so I wont be upset anymore, dirty little trick he has there!} ~She loves playing with Trenton. He makes her laugh all the time. ~She loves playing with Trenton's cars. ~She loves books,books & more books. ~She enjoys looking out the front door & watching the world. ~She is getting sassy! When she is upset she will throw herself on her tummy & do a rolling number. It's actually pretty funny & cute! ~She still only has her two bottom teeth {I don't mind much, it makes her look little, little still.} But that doesn't stop her from eating all day everyday. ~She is learning to master the sippy cup, just water for now, hopefully in just a few months we can kick the bottle & formula like a bad habit! ~She goes to our printer & knows exactly what buttons to push to get it to spit out a sheet of paper then she snags it up & starts chewing on it... funny yet frustrating! ~She has been enjoying our trips to the beach, she has just started to venture back into the sand, for a while she would just watch Trenton & Eli (our little buddy) play in the sand. ~She loves dancing when the music is playing & she LOVES twirling with mama! I'm not sure on her weight & height this month. She has lost a little bit of her round baby cheeks & looks a little slender. She is definitely starting to look like a toddler & not a baby these days. We love Laina with all our hearts & are so happy for the joy she brings us each day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Elaina has just turned 9 months old this past week & I can not believe it! I was doing these posts for Trenton his first year & have had the best intentions in doing them for Elaina...I suck! with our being in limbo with out our computer for a few weeks & then our two moves & the holidays I was having a hard time doing any blogging & scrap booking. Well the holidays are over & we have set into our routine & now I can blog! So here is Elaina's 9 month updates!

weight is: 19 lbs 3oz
Height is: 27.17 inches
She has two bottom teeth!

She is a little chunky for her age but not too bad. I love it, more of her to love!
She is quit the crawler & despite our tile floors through out the whole house she is very fast! She is interested in girl toys like dolls & stuffed animals but you can bet if her brother is building something or driving cars she has to be there with him to play, she LOVES cars!

She is a daddy's girl all the way & loves welcoming him home with a HUGE Elaina smile!
But when she is sad or sick she loves to cuddle with mama!
She loves putting things in her mouth {what kid doesn't} some of her favorites are paper, carpet pieces {yikes} & toys!
She has recently started to pull herself up. This new "trick" of hers drives her big brother a little crazy because he can no longer move something back just a little to keep it out of her reach!

Elaina has brought so much joy to all of us & we love watching her grow & learn!
Love you Laina, laina

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pensacola Beach!

When we got to Pensacola things were not looking good for our home & we were all worn out & frustrated. My Dad & step mom were in town, they had driven with Robbie from Salt lake, And my sister was in town as well, she flew with me & the kids. I felt like we were all couped up in the house that SO didn't feel like a home. So on my dad & Val's last day in town instead of unpacking & arguing because of so much frustration we decided to leave the mess at the house & head for the beach... it was the BEST decision!

This was Trenton & Elaina's first adventure to the beach & they loved it, especially Trent.
We played in the water & enjoyed the very warm comfortable weather! This was on October 15 { yep I'm that good at blogging right now!} & I just couldn't believe how warm & beautiful it was!
My sister sent a text picture out to our families of me,rob & the kids on the beach & my brother replied "she is going to trade her snow shoes in to become a beach bum".... { shhhh, don't tell anyone but he might be right!} I had forgotten how relaxing & wonderful the beach truly is, the sound of the birds & waves, the feel of the ocean & sand, the smell of fresh air, I love it all & can't wait to get back there in a few weeks when the weather is really great!

Trenton Wasn't too sure about the beach at first.

Or the water but he warmed up to them & asks to go to the beach ALL the time now!

Elaina didn't mind it at all, she seemed to enjoy the warm water.

You have to get one of these pictures! toes in the sand!

Trenton & grandpa playing in the sand.& feeding the seagulls!He was so relaxed & happy at the beach. I really can't wait to take him back.

This story with this picture cracks me up. When we were driving to the beach we could see that big ball {in the background} & I told Robbie "that is the "famous" Pensacola beach ball" he asked "what is SO famous about that?" I told him that is in a lot of peoples pictures when they come to the beach & Robbie being his funny self says " that's dumb" I defended it for a only a minute & that was the end of discussing the "the ball" well we were all together & my sister was taking pictures & she captured this one on her phone. {above} I hadn't seen it until later when she sent it to me & I started laughing so hard. Robbie asks what I was laughing about & I show him the picture & say "see it is in every ones Pensacola beach pictures" {it is the big thing sticking out over Robbie's shoulder} He started to laugh then too & we enjoyed the moment & our picture!

What a great day!

We love & miss our families & friends, but we are also so thankful to be together in such a beautiful place.

Friday, January 21, 2011


The Taylor's
Robert,Queli, Trenton {2} Elaina {7mos}

Our Christmas was nice. We missed our families like crazy but were fortunate enough to spend it with some very close friends. {One great thing about the Navy is it really is a pretty small community & you are bound to end up living around friends from other stations.}
We had Christmas eve dinner with the Myers, Shanna made such a wonderful dinner & visiting was so nice! We got home in time to get the kids ready for bed so Santa could come. We were so excited for his visit.

Trent kind of understood the whole Santa thing & was really getting into the whole holiday this year. We were able to put up two trees, which Trent loved decorating & turning on every morning. He would even walk around the house singing Jingle bells it really was SO cute!

Well Christmas morning came & we fed the kids some breakfast & then went to see if Santa clause had visited & what do you know, he did!
Trent got some more of the Cars,cars, he was very excited about that. He got some books & some treats. He was also VERY showered with gifts from our families. One thing about Trent is he is very particular about how he does things. { most people who know me blame me for making Trent OCD about things but I swear he is just built that way, every since he could play with things he has been particular with how they go!} I personally LOVE this little trait he has. Here is an example of what I am talking about. It took Trent until 7:00 PM to finish un wrapping all his gifts, he would un wrap one & just have to play with it, figure out how it worked, what it did & then place it nicely with the rest of his toys. When he was finished playing with that toy he would come & find us to let us know he was ready to open another gift & start the whole process over again. Robbie & I were getting a little frustrated when this was going on in the morning because we knew we had guests coming over for Breakfast so we really wanted him to finish so we could start & then it hit us WHY? we have no place to hurry off too & if he wants to keep Christmas going all day then let him & that is exactly how Trent made this Christmas so special. he taught us how to relax & go on "two year old" time & to tell you the truth it was one of the BEST Christmas's ever.
Elaina was really fun too. Although she has no idea who that Jolly ol' man in the red suite is yet she still enjoyed the day. Santa brought her a cabbage patch baby doll, a very cute blanket & some treats as well. She had a blast playing in the paper & loved putting everything into her mouth!
We had our friends the Myers over for Christmas breakfast, Robbie really did an amazing job, He got his dads recipe for sough dough pancakes & they we a HUGH success! I think we could have eaten them all day! We were able to spend some time with Shanna & Adam & their little man Eli & just enjoy the holiday in a slow, relaxing way!
After they headed home we were able to skype with our families, this actually was an all day thing & really fun to see everyone! I am so thankful that we had close friends to spend Christmas with & the technology to see & visit with our families!
We hope you all had a VERY Merry Christmas!

Here are some pictures of our Christmas!
Our treeSanta's visit!Trenton checking out his Cars Santa brought, He LOVES them!Elaina checking out her doll. She was pretty interested in her for a little while!

This was the only picture I could get of Trenton & he had to be bribed to do so * sigh* two year olds!
Laina was all for pictures! Her Aunt Emery has taken ob the hobby of making these very cute baby dresses & laina is profiting well from it!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!