Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

La'Caille, oh my...really?!

For my birthday I received a gift certificate to La'Caille & if you know me you know I can't let a perfectly good gift certificate go to waste! If you are not from Utah let me fill you in on La'Caille it is a very fancy French restaurant that requires a dollar or two to eat there. It is a restaurant that Jr high & high schools students go to to learn proper etiquette {BIG deal to kids} & where I'm sure MANY proposals have happened. And {in our case}it is an excuse for a gal to dress up & for her guy to get in his finest & take her out! in summary it is a fancy, fun , not going to happen every weekend.. no month... no wait year experience!
Kenny {my brother in law} & his cute girlfriend Beth were able to go with us which made the night that much better. The food was DE VINE , I can honestly say now that I am a HUGE fan of goat cheese,yep I love it! They also did this fancy thing with the butter where they make it into roses on your plate { I'm totally doing that this Thanksgiving!} & the atmosphere was simply breathtaking.
Here are some pictures of our night. We didn't do much picture taking of the food, which we should have because it comes out looking like art on a plate, but we got some great ones of the building, gardens & us being silly in them!

To the boys that took us { my wonderful husband & his brother} Thank you for a very memorable evening. Something we will have to definitely do again someday!

The drive way in

Welcome to La'Caille!

Us at dinnerKenny & BethThe wine cellar..really pretty.It was really chilly the day we went so they had all their fireplaces burning...I LOVED it!Out side on their grounds they have peacocks, geese & ducks just hanging out, they really add to the greatness of the place.This pretty girl was getting ready to call it a night at the top of a wall!These guys were not scared of us at all. This picture is not on zoom that is how close they got to us.They are just beautiful.I would love to visit when it looks like this.The rest of these are just the atmosphere. Inside & out & some more of us.

I think they like each other!;)

we've been married for 6 1/2 years we are allowed to be silly in love sometimes!

What a great night!

Monday, September 06, 2010

A great man turns 80

When I was a little girl my family would go to Green river every September for watermelon days. This is the small town where my grandparents met , aunts & uncles lived & even my mom lived there on a farm for a while. Some of the family has moved away & some have stayed & this is where the "great man" lives. My uncle Jim{bo}.
My uncle Jim was never really into little kids but he always loved to have me around. I would just sit & hang out with him for hours when we would visit for melon days. Unfortunately it has been years since I have had an opportunity to go to melon days, but a few weeks ago my uncle turned 80 & they celebrated at a park near by so I got to go & see him & I was able to take the kids & introduce them to him. Seeing uncle Jim again was like years had never passed. I love you Uncle Jim & I hope you had a very happy 80th Birthday!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Zoo & the aquarium

My good friend Heather came into town to see me for a weekend & I sucked up her time like a sponge! She is my oldest friend & I hardly get to see her but when we do get together time is great!!
This weekend was super fun but also a little sad. Fun because we took the kids to the Zoo & then the next day took them to the aquarium. That same night Heather & I got a chance to go to dinner {without kids!} & just catch up. It was sad because, while I know this is not the last time I will see her I don't know when the next time will be.
With that said here are some pictures of our weekend. I, for some reason have none of the two of us together...maybe next time!

The kids watching the elephants be elephants.

Trenton loved the ostrich!

Elaina chillin' with the giraffe! proof of Elaina's first trip to the Zoo, she stayed awake unlike Trenton on his first trip!

The kids. Trenton, Brody & McKenzie sitting on the tigers {T wouldn't look at me long enough to get a picture so this is what you get!}

Trenton & McKenzie. {she was the BIGGEST help all weekend~Love her!}

Brody & Trent enjoying their ride!

Trents first ride on a train... he loved it!

The Train!

As we were leaving we walked past the monkeys again & this guy was as happy as can be!

The Aquarium was really fun, Here is Trent checking out some fish.

Ohhh look at that. { I just love the "ahhh" in his face in this picture}

Is that real?? {no}

Gotta sit on the frog!

Robbie trying to help Trent pet the stingray!

Robbie would snap his fingers under the water & they all would instantly come over to him. It was really neat

This guy is HUGE, Robbie wanted to cook him! { I love Trents face}

Really cool & active Octopus.


Cool little stingray & HUGE snake. That's his BIG body & then his little head is poking up, you can't really see it too well but it is to the right of the leaves just resting straight up & down in the rock wall... I am very happy the glass was between me & this guy!

We all had such a great time. I was so happy we were able to take Trent to both of these places so he could experience & enjoy them!
Thanks Heather. I'm going to miss you.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Doing what mommy does!

The other day I was in the kitchen & I saw Trenton taking his chair into the bathroom & I thought "oh no what is he trying to get" So I slowly crept around the corner to see him standing on his chair "helping" Elmo get ready for the day. I hurried to get the camera so I get a few shots in before he finished. This to me is a very big statement that our kids watch us very closely & lovingly! I love my little man!

Dawning on moms necklaces,both Trent & Elmo have one on!

Getting ready to Comb Elmos hair!
Don't forget the hairspray
{Trent couldn't get this to spray thank goodness!}
Some Blush!
{if you look at Elmos right hand you can see it is a little darker in color, Trenton had to help Elmo wash his hands like I help Trent...too cute!}

Finish him off with some eyeshadow!