Monday, June 21, 2010

Devotional Monday

Here is the uplifting quote for this week I hope you find something in it that sings to you.

~"Sisters you were not born at this time & place by chance. You are here because this is where the Lord wants you to be...

....Strong women are needed,women who will stay morally clean when all about them do not,women who will establish homes that are a little bit of heaven & where the family is upheld & little children are cared for & given love & attention by their own mothers, women who will shun pornography---not just older women, but young women too, who will seek personal & social refinement, who will strive to become more cultured, who will respect the authority of the home & the priesthood. As the church grows, there will be a need for more women who are leaders, for more women everywhere who have the courage to proclaim their testimony of Jesus Christ, women who will pray & study to find out what the Lord requires of them & who will then make the right choices & put themselves in the hands of the Lord"
~Betty E. Brown.

This quote talks about women in the church. I love it. The whole thing.
I am a stay home mom & feel like that, next to being a good wife, is the most important thing I can & will do with my life. I feel this way simply because I can never get their youth back, I can't take the money with me when I die if I did work & I didn't have kids to have someone else raise them for me. Motherhood is also the single hardest "job" I've ever had, always challenging me to grow & always room to improve. The quote is not all on motherhood in fact the quote has one line in it about mothers & children. But that line "popped" out at me this week & here is why... As you know we are planning the next big move in Roberts career, we talked about putting the kids in daycare a few days a week so I could work & my heart broke. Then & there I realized I would rather sell my car, cancel my cell phone & not have cable (three things I love having) then have to leave my kids with a stranger. They are my world & this quote reminded me why... to have a "little bit of heaven, [&] where family is upheld & little children are cared for & given love & attention by their own mothers"
We did our budget for Florida & I wont have to work unless I want to & can find a job that allows the kids to stay home with Robbie.... & I get to keep my car!
I also like this quote because it is a good "mold" for women to strive for. I don't know anyone who would think anything on that list is a bad personality trait to have. I really like this one & I hope you do too

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Devotional Monday...on Wednesday!


I have been going through some things in preparation for our upcoming move & I found my quote book. It is a book I hold dear to my heart, it is kind of like a scrapbook but instead of pictures I have handwritten all my favorite quotes in it & decorate the page. something I pull out & read whenever I need a little inspiration. You could call me a quote collector! I also found that my book is in need of some serious updating, since I have loose papers falling out of it all over the place!
As I was going through it & reading some of my favorite quotes I thought to myself "hey self why not make it a point to share these wonderful uplifting quotes with my fellow blog friends."
SO I am going to do just that.
My goal is every Monday I will get a new quote on here for you to read. Sometimes I'll write why I picked that quote or what I love about that particular quote. Sometimes I'll ask what you think of a quote ( participation welcomed but not necessary!) & sometimes just the quote. If I'm a little late some weeks I'm sorry
(hence today's title!)

This week I had a quote picked out in my mind all week, as I was reading some other quotes today I came across one that brought tears to my eyes instantly. It reminded me of what I have been telling myself every morning when I wake up. It is what I have to believe & do believe will happen with our move to Florida. At the beginning of this week we found a house in Gulf Breeze that we fell in love with. I had my whole heart set on it ( knowing in the back of my mind that I shouldn't) but Monday morning we called on the house & they had just rented it out that morning I was beyond bummed. (stinking time zones!) Friends & family continue to remind me that there was a bigger reason why we didn't get that house. I know that it ,for some reason, didn't fit what I've been asking for in my prayers. So when I found this quote today, like I said before, the tears instantly started. Here it is...

I know not by what methods rare
but this I know, God answers prayer
I know that He has given His word,
which tells me prayer is always heard,
& will be answered ,soon or late.
& so I pray & calmly wait.
I know not if the blessings sought
will come in just the way I thought:
But leave my prayers with Him alone.
whose will is wiser than my own,
assured that He will grant my quest,
or send some answer far more blessed.
~Eliza M.Hickok

I hope you enjoy the new devotional Mondays!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

MmmMMMmmmm Dirt!

That's right folks not chocolate but good ol' fashion, picked from the Earth dirt!

(I love having a boy!)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Announcing Elaina Kate (finally!)

(Because I have to do this for me)
Elaina Kate
May 10th 2010
6:52 A.M.
8lbs 14oz
21 inches long

Another piece of my heart now walks on earth
Love you baby girl.


Elaina is a month old today!
I can not believe how much this little girl has captured our hearts.
(yes I can!)
She is such an amazing little girl & brings a smile to our hearts each day.
Here are some pictures of her only 2 precious days old (I've been meaning to post these all month...sleep won!)& then some I took today for her one month.
We love you sweet Elaina

Ok these pictures are amazing & professionally done. The one month is taken by me with my little camera, not as good of quality but the little model is still just as beautiful!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Roberts Commissioning...

I've waited about three weeks to do this post simply because I have been trying to word it correctly in my mind. A commissioning is a BIG event in the Military. To put it is a simple way it is like a big promotion, one you have worked for, for so long & finally achieved.
Robbie commissioned an officer of the United States Navy on May 8th. More responsibility & a job he is going to love!
On the Commissioning day they have a big event. It was held at the Capitol building here in Salt Lake, which is a beautiful building, they have a nice speaker & then they receive their own graduation ( I'll explain it in the pictures!)

This is Robbie being sworn in as an Officer. Our good friend Paul came into town from Virginia to swear Robbie in. Big honor on both sides.

All sworn in!

After they are sworn in family member's get to "pin" them. Trenton & I got to change out his boards on his uniform from enlisted rank to officer & then we give him a new officer hat (not much different just a different medal (for lack of better words) is on the officer hat)

Our friend Jacob giving Robbie his first salute as an officer. pretty cool!

Some of my favorite military wife's! I met each of these girls three years ago & it has been a blast. I'm going to miss them when we all start to move.

Paul & Robbie.

(Awesome little bit of information...Paul & his wonderful wife Lisa were mine & Roberts escorts through the D.C. Temple when we took out our endowments & were married. These two have been a HUGE part of our lives & involved in big events in our lives. Thank you Bunnells!)

Jacob & Robbie.

Jacob was on the Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier with Robbie for three years. He & his wife Erin are very neat friends to have!

Jacob & ErinOur happy,very proud little family of three (in a half!)

I Love you Robbie & I am very proud of you for working so hard & achieving a goal you wanted. I can't wait until our next adventure starts!