Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My reason for being a semi-slacker!

So I finished two of the blogs I said I'd do. The Surprise baby shower & Baby girls blanket. I need to finish the rest & plan on doing so. I have to use Roberts computer for long typing situations because a little toddler of mine broke my space bar & it makes it very hard to type fast!
I promise I'm not slacking! Oh, & Robbie is in finals week at school so his computer is always being used by him,which is how it should be! Thanks for understanding & I'll see you hopefully this weekend!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A blanket for baby girl.

My sister Emery went with me to pick out this fabric & I love it!! I was having a hard time picking out pinks so she helped a lot!

This is a rag quilt or I call it a patch quilt. Robbie helped me with it & together we got it finished before she arrived!
These are the three patterns & then it has two solids.

This is all the colors plus the back color together.

All sewn together!

All we have left is to sew all the edges & then cut the hangovers here so it looks more rag like.

I love it!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

SO much to share with you.

I have been so busy,on top of being a pregnant, single mom to a two year old for a few weeks (really, Robbie has been gone 11 days out of 25) I haven't had time to do anything including blog. I have a few posts that you will see coming up shortly.
I have a post for:
  • An awesome surprise baby shower.
  • Easter. day 1 & 2
  • baby girls blanket
  • Trent's second birthday
  • Our 6th anniversary

I think those will catch everyone up on what is going on in the Taylor world! Keep your eye out for them they might come on fast & close to each other! I'm excited to write them!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

A baby shower suprise!

So this post is long over due but I finally got all the pictures I wanted & then I found a minute to write!

On March 13th I was "tricked" & "scammed" & could not have felt any more loved by my friends & family!
My dear friend Shanna is having a baby in the next few days & for almost a month she asked if I could come to her house & help set some things up in the baby room,We all know what kind of organize freak I am so I was ALL up for the task, Good company & good tasking!

Well I got to her house finally... it was snowing pretty good that day. When I get to the door I see some of our Navy wife friends sitting there & then I turn the corner a bit & I see some more friends & my sisters.I'm sure the confused look on my face was hilarious,(as they all started laughing at me) a few seconds later I see in the corner a bunch of pink gift bags & it clicks..Shanna was throwing me a surprise baby shower...My goodness what a girl!
We had good food & good conversation & then they had me open gifts for baby girl Taylor.

We were very well spoiled by all who came. She(baby girl) got a verity of gifts from adorable dresses & jeans to bows & shoes to homemade gifts. I got everything I really needed for her (& more) & that felt wonderful!

For the rest of the day I felt so loved & couldn't keep a smile from my face. I truly have some of the best friends & family! Even today as I look at the pictures I feel so blessed to have some great girls in my life!

Thank you so much girls!

My sister Emery made this car seat cover for her.I love it!Emery also made baby girl her own bow box!A cute little fall outfit. I love putting kids in hooded anything so this quickly became a favorite!Making sure they fit baby girl! Oh all the cute dresses this girl will wear!A baby "cake" full of diapers, outfits, shoes & socks & hair bows...Oh my goodness I love it! (I actually couldn't bring myself to unwrap this for almost a week, it was so cute to look at!..I know I'm a dork!)From left to right:

Top row: Misty,Shanna,( the sneaky girl!) Lizz, & Celeste

Bottom row: Joni,Me & Emery.

The Navy wifes.

Thank you guys so much again, It is such a wonderful blessing to have each of you in my life!