Tuesday, February 09, 2010

We can't decide. Ok I mean I can't decide.

So one thing I have noticed with this pregnancy is I'm very indecisive... VERY indecisive! Pretty much about everything too. The biggest issue I am having is what to name our baby girl. First let me say that I have never imagined myself as being one of those parents that gets to the hospital & has the baby & still doesn't have a name for them. The closer we get to the due date I find myself becoming that parent. Our poor baby!

A few weeks ago we had decided on the name Evelynn Grace. I am in love with the name Evelynn & was so happy that Robbie finally caved & let me use it. Well as the weeks have past by I have been calling her Evelynn when ever I refer to her & when I talk "to" her. We even announced it to the world (well to family & friends!) & every time I would say it I always heard in the back of my mind "no that's not her name either" In the upset/crying voice of Rachel Greene from Friends when she has her baby. So I got the nerve to tell Robbie that I might change her name.. with a little protest & a "let me know what the new names are & we'll pick one together" I still have yet to find one that I love. I haven't written Evelynn off as a name but for now we'll call her baby girl Taylor.

As soon as we do have a name & I feel comfortable announcing it I'll post it on here for all to see. Until then PLEASE leave some name suggestions for a little girl!