Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today I hit the 100 day mark..that means I only have 100 more days till we can meet our little girl. How exciting!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

So much fun!!

I've been letting the idea of having a little girl settle in.The more I look at little girl clothes, dresses & hair bows I get more excited!! I have about a dozen things for her so far ( not a lot I know but I still have time!) but here are a few of my favorite outfits!

I love this outfit for when it starts getting cold outside.I have no words that can describe how much I love this dress! I can't wait to put her in it!I made this for her at a bead party. It has pink,purple & yellow beads & then the little flower beads I love it!

I have a few other dresses that will find there way on here sooner or later!

I have really loved getting to know her before she arrives with her little kicks, I can't wait to meet her in May!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New Years Blessing...a name

Robert & I finally picked a name for our little girl. Let me just tell you it came with blessing.
I'll tell you the story!
We have four other friends that are having babies. One is having a baby in April & the other three, & myself are all due in May, within days of each other! My friend due in April was the only one I thought, for 100% sure,was having a girl & it turns out to be completely opposite she is having a boy & the rest of us are having girls...Oh my! With all of us having girls I have heard almost every girl name in the world over the past few weeks just in simple conversation.

Now I'm going to skip some of the story & go back 10 years... I have LOVED the name Evelyn for 10 years. It was the lead character name in the movie Pearl Harbor,that's where I first heard it & fell in love. Robbie has always told me he didn't like it. He would say "it sounds old" I would ask him if he thought those "old" people were ever babies & kids before? He would just laugh at me. Well we went through list after list we even settled on three other names but they didn't feel right. So through out the weeks I would ALWAYS throw out Evelyn & his mind slowly changed & he began to like it.

Back to ten years later!...
One night I was talking to some of our good friends, who are also having a girl in May, & they told me they went through some girl lists of names & settled on Evelyn... My heart literally broke into pieces. I immediately took Evelyn off my list of names in respect of those friends but I was sad for days. I tried to fit it in as a middle name but couldn't find the right "flow"

On New Years Eve I asked them where they heard the name Evelyn & they told me on the computer on a list of girl names. I then told them my love for the name for 10 years & they both gave me their blessing to use the name as well. They had no idea I was in love with the name & for how long I was in love with it. I want to thank the Christensen's for their "blessing" to use the names as well & for not getting mad at us or territorial over the name.

Since I have talked with the Christensen's I have prayed about the name & even tried to change the name. I keep getting, with that amazing overwhelming feeling, that Evelyn should be her name.
So we are going to name her Evelynn Grace.
The double "N" on the end will be from family names on both my dad (Lynn) & moms (Wynn) side of the family.

We have such great friends that truly taught me a lesson that night. More then they know. Thank you guys!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas fun!

We spent Christmas eve with Robbie's Grandparents & then at my mom & Rods house. Both were very fun.
Trent got this car from my brother & then a tool set from my mom & Rod & he started "working" on the car right away. He is just like his daddy!
Christmas morning we were up at 6:30 A.M. ( NOT my idea) we spent the morning with uncle Kenny & Beth. We saw what Santa brought Trent & opened some gifts.Dad bringing Trent out to see if Santa came.Santa did come! He brought Trent the case of match box cars & some books!

I love this excited face! ( sorry it's a little blurry)

Uncle Kenny bought Trent an Elmo who interacts with you. Trent LOVES it. He carries Elmo around with him & treats him so nice! ( I hope he is that nice to his baby sister!)

Next we went over to grandmas & bumps for breakfast.Bump helping unwrap a gift.Playing puzzles with uncle Jas.

After spending a great morning with the Taylor's full of great company & yummy food we headed over to my Dad & Valerie's house.

Aunt Aly helping him with his Lego's made just for 1 1/2 year old. It is a truck so of course he loves it!My dad & Val bought Trent a Radio Flyer tricycle this picture he is opening it. It was so cute to watch his face!Grandpa Steve (my dad) showing Trent how to use his tricycle. He cant ride it by himself but he LOVES being pushed around on it!Trent did REALLY well for waking up at 6:30. He didn't cry or complain all day. When we finally got him home in the late afternoon he was ready for a nap (we all were) I snuck in & took a picture of him sleeping. He looks so sweet!
After his nap enjoying a book!
Robbie & I were talking that day about how our families spoiled Trenton & how we also want to teach our children the true meaning of why we celebrate Christmas. As I was looking through all of our picture I realized that Trent got a glimpse of what Christmas is about. Of course our religious meaning (LDS) will forever stick in his mind more so when he gets older & can understand. But this Christmas he caught that we spend Christmas with our families.
I didn't see it until it was too late. I was worried about getting to the next house on time to not upset anyone.
As I was going through our pictures I saw it. Christmas was being together with each other by Christmas tree watching a little boy be so excited with his new toy, it was bump opening a gift with TC & showing him how to use it. Christmas is playing puzzles with uncle Jas or putting Lego's together with Aunt Aly. It is being pushed around on a new bike by Grandpa Steve as his aunt & uncles "Oooo'd & Ahhhh'd" as he went by!
I almost missed that this year. I am sorry that I did but am thankful I was able to "re-catch" them through pictures. We may not be in Utah this next Christmas & while the day might not be as busy our hearts will have a void were family should be.I hope over the years we can teach our kids to slow down & enjoy where you are & enjoy family.
That is one of the meanings of Christmas.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you family & friends for making 2009 such a great & memorable one!

Finding a minute.

My wonderful husband bought me a really neat camera for Christmas, we charged it & used it all of Christmas day & many times since. Well I need to download the new camera software & put my over 100 pictures on the computer so I can blog about Christmas & some fun times since then. I promise it will happen soon! 'Till then I hope you are doing well!