Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where oh where is the beautiful snow....

We are heading into December this week & Utah is still sitting in the High 40's & low 50's not very inviting weather for the snow.( & not a usual pattern for Utah) It makes me oh so sad. So here are some pictures to hold me over till it shows up....Please Jack Frost come soon!

( Just a side note, I posted a Halloween blog today as well, if you are interested in seeing it it should be below.It has a fun little video of Trenton's Sugar rush!)

A lot late but a Halloween picture for ya!

Here are some pictures of Trent in his costume, he sure did look cute!

He was in his costume for about 3 hours. He did really well at not tuggin' on the top. We let him have a little bit of candy & a cookie that we had made. After we took his costume off he had a full on sugar rush I recorded it, it was so funny!

So this is Trenton on a sugar rush...So Cute!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pumpkin patch. (October 2009)

Last month we took Trenton to the Pumpkin patch & he hated it! He finally settled down when we put him on the tractor & then he didn't want to leave. I felt so bad when he started to cry & I had to remind myself that I have many more "end of playtime cries", this was the first one & I think I held my ground as the parent pretty well! Here are some fun pictures of the day!See he didn't like it very much!

In the corn maze.

I love this little smile!

My guys, my blessings.