Monday, October 12, 2009

Just some fun, silly photos of Trenton.

Trenton had his 18 month check up today & did really well. He is getting so BIG. He is 33 inches tall & weighs 26.5 lbs. he actually lost some weight since his last apt. three months ago but that is how the kids on my side of the family do it... come out big & strong & then level out for a few years! His personality grows everyday & he surprises me everyday with new things he can do! ( he is also entering terrible twos so he is getting a little stubborn like his daddy...I'm not stubborn at all...right!?!)

He loves his new red bucket.He carries it around the house full of toys,then he dumps them out & puts his head in it. (He has caught on to the look down while your walking with a bucket on your head so you don't fall concept!)He LOVES to climb on EVERYTHING. Here he has climbed onto the middle of our bed & is playing with the TV remotes...very cute. He also plays a chase game with us around the bed it is pretty fun!He climbs up on his rocking chair & reads his books.Dad is teaching Trenton to do pull ups.

He is trying to not smile at me while I was taking this one.

First I have to apologize to Robbie for snapping the picture while his eyes are closed...sorry honey! But this was the day I told Robbie about the new baby on its way & Trenton helped. I made his shirt to say "Big Brother" it was pretty cute! Robbie's original face was priceless!...Shock written all across it!

This is one of my new favorites. I was at a RS super Saturday & the Taylors were watching Trent for the morning & I got this picture sent to me. I guess he LOVED helping his "bump" cut the grass & cried if John stopped to empty the bag. Now I can send him out next summer to get a job! Ok probably not! (sorry it is so small)