Monday, August 31, 2009

Bye, Bye Summer!

I just wanted to give Summer its proper fair well, for tomorrow the season Fall (I know not officially until September 22) begins. I am so happy about that! Well since you can still look out your window & see the green of summer I wanted to share my mood & remind you just how beautiful Fall can be!

And soon very soon winter & good old Jack frost will be nipping at our noses. Here are some beautiful pictures I love to have up on my computer.Ahhh I already feel cooler!

* these pictures were not taken by me. Courtesy of unknown people who posted their own beautiful experiences!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The last post out of 5 for San Diego. Such a fun week!

This was a good day we started by going to Old Town San Diego & did some looking around. We were told we needed to go to Cafe Coyote for lunch... I'm very happy we didn't miss that! The food was really good. They had three cute little ol' men walking around with their guitars singing to people. They would ask you if you wanted a fast or slow song. We picked a fast song & while I couldn't understand a word of it, it was very fun!

Yummy!The little ol' guys!

After lunch we went around Old Town & did some sight seeing it was fun.We went through an old house/court room/ theater/ store & I'm sure many more thing! The Whaley House ( & yes at one time or another in its working days it was ALL those things!) This house is considered Haunted on of the most haunted house in America...oooOOOOooooo. It was really neat to see it. I wont post many pictures of it ( I'm afraid I'll get carried away like the last post!) but one picture I have on here has a lot of the rooms on it... you'll see!

If you are interested in learning more about the Whaley family history here is a link it was pretty interesting!

Next we ran into this guy... he was already way to drunk for the day!

Fred seems harmless!

While we were walking we went past a fine jewelry store with guards & all. In the window was a simple sign that caught my eye. I am actually surprised they didn't stop me from taking the picture with jewelry in the window. I carefully missed the jewelry & got the very simple & very cool sign.

Sorry if I built that up more than you expected but to me it is awesome to find signs like this one!

A bike Robbie really liked outside one of the bars.

After a while we decided to make our way to Coronado beach for our last sunset in California & it was the perfect way to end our vacation. I loved every second of it! Robbie took a nap & I read my book with my toes in the sand. The weather was a PERFECT 69 degrees ( I had to wear a light jacket with my skirt after a while... LOVED IT) then when the sun was finally making its grand departure for the evening we got up & started playing in the water & taking about 100 pictures! Picture this... Walking out to soft sand with children laughing in the background & seagulls singing their happy song. Sitting watching nothing but the waves & the sun set,& being close to your best friend. It was the best! So good in fact I tried with all my might to convince Robbie to stay another day so we could just hang out on the beach all day till the sun set again... he almost gave in but wanted to come home to start his busy week. that's ok I guess!So here are a few of my favorite pictures of the night.

That was our evening at the beach! I can't wait to move close to the beach again there is just something so wonderful & peaceful about a beach. So far this one was my absolute favorite because it was cooler (we all know I love the cool weather over the hot) & just beautiful. I can't wait to make more "favorite" memories with my family as we grow together. Thanks for reading about our week in beautiful San Diego!

To my husband~

Thank you for such a wonderful week. You are my BEST friend & I love you with my whole heart. Thank you for providing for our family & working your tail off so we could enjoy this week with one another. I love you, Love me.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

32 pictures.... this one better be good huh!?!

On our way to our romantic dinner (last post) we passed the Sand Diego Temple & decided that we wanted to go the next day, so we did & it was absolutly beautiful! The outside is a sight to see but the inside was more then I ever excpected. While you can't take pictures inside the Temple you can take as many as you want on the grounds outside.From the freeway. It just pops out at you!Us. we were trying to get the Temple in the picture with us but it was really not working!
After the Temple we picked up some lunch at In N' Out Burger, changed clothes & headed out to Sea World....It was so fun! First I just want to post a picture of how far my husband parked from the actual entrance...wait you couldn't even see our car from the entrance...Can you see that tiny little truck on the right...& then the field after it...& nothing else...yep thats us! I was tired of walking before we even got to the park! He made up for & bought not one but two churros! YUM
So at Sea World we did a verity of shows & sight seeing.
My awesome husband tryed with all his power to get us into the dolphin swim where you get to swim with them while they are training, we figured why not, we're on vacation & next time the oppotunity rises we might have the kid(s) with us, so it would be hard to do. After all the talking about it we finally came to the decision to do it & called to get the appointment, only to find out that they were all booked. We were a little bummed & would have loved to have done that. I love Robbie for trying. So instead of swimming with them we got to see them "act" & they are so dang cool!Are they not the coolest!

Next we went to the sting ray tank where if you're lucky you can pet one of those big guys. I barly got to touch one. They are very soft. We used to go to that aquariume in Virginia where they had smaller ones & you could just "pet" them all day long!

Look how big he is!

Then came the Sharks

This guy will eat you!

I'm not kidding!...

Next was Shamoo & his friends!

This is AMAZING.This has always been my dream job...I am CONVINCED that these guys have the BEST job in the world!

Next we stopped at another tank where you can pick up star fish & Sea snails (thats what I'm call'n them! I'm sure they have a proper name but I don't remember it.)

I know this picture just catches all my beauty doesn't it!...Don't judge! These guys were pretty cool, they didn't do much. I've never held an alive star fish before...they live in some freezing water I'll tell ya what!
Next we went to a cirque du soleil type show (not what they called it) it was really neat...I'll show ya!

These characters where entertaining "bullies!" They were very funny!(No Strings) I can totally do that!and this...true story!Just some randoms now... an octopus full of energy. she was really cool to watch!Jelly fishOutside penguins...Robbie loves these guys. His dream would be to buy one & train it to get our drinks... because it alrealdy has a "tux" on & waddles. (he's crazy I know!)After the penguins we turned around & saw this sun set sky... this picture does do it 100% justice it looks just like it did that night. I thought it was really cool!A bears life!Robbie in the bears den....ooooo! It was actually pretty dark in these things & they had loud bear noises going on around you... I didn't feel like staying too long! call me chicken!A clydesdale.
Anhinzer busch mascot. They are so beautiful!As we were leaving the park we ran into this mamorial tucked away to the side. We found Utahs flag & got a great shot of both flags. I want to take a minute & thank Anhinzer busch for ALL their support of the military. If you are active ( & I think vetern) Military you can get yourself & four dependents into their parks for absulutly FREE. It is thier way of thanking us for our hard work & sacrifce. This was the second time Robbie & I had the oppotunity to take advantage of one of thier parks ( the other one being in Virginia) I want to thank them for thier support & unwavering kindness to the military, it is not an easy lifestyle but a proud one & it is nice to know that we have places we can take our families & enjoy a "day off" & forget our worries. Thank you!

On that note we went back to the truck............ an hour later we arrived!

and yes that is Robbie looking at me like I'm a dork! I love teasing him!

Our last stop for the day (yes there is a little more!)Was back on the that beautiful roof for a home cooked meal. Robbie BBQ'd us some steaks & I made pasta & we enjoyed the table for two on the deck at the very end looking over the lights of downtown Sand Diego. It was a great end to yet another great day!

one of my favorite pictures!

* side note I only have one more day of vacation to blog about...don't loose intrest on me now!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A vineyard & a very romantic dinner on the beach...

So this is one of my very favorite days.Robbie & I were on a birthday mission. Robbie's sister Joni LOVES this Winery & Vineyard Orfila. Every time she visits California she visits Orfila.So we decided to get her a few bottles of her favorite wine for her birthday. I have always wanted to go to a vineyard.(Robbie has been fortunate enough to visit vineyards in Italy. I bet that is amazing!) But this vineyard was BEAUTIFUL & also VERY very peaceful.We were able to take our own tour & take any pictures we wanted to take so... I took advantage of that! All the grapes there are almost ready to harvest.They were so full of color. They had a sigh up in the winery for the grape dance (that's what I call it!) where they ladies can get in & smash grapes with their feet I think that would have been very fun! (it wasn't until August 29th) I'll let the pictures do most of the "talking" I'll chime in every once in a while!

I love this one.They plant roses at the end of the fields for a reason... The roses kind of act like a protector. The roses get dry or sick before the vineyard will so the workers know when & how to take care of the vines. I thought that was very cool.A beautiful picture.A place to relax & see it all!

After the vineyard we were in the mood for some dinner. We called Robbie's sister and asked where a great place on the beach would be to eat. She gave a a great place on Coronado island but Robbie wanted to do some research ( like always!) which in this case I was VERY happy he did. He found a place called 333 Pacific right on the beach. he called & made a reservation & in the call they found out we were with Wyndham our hotel travel share ( kind of like a time share but with more freedom on where & when you want to stay) so they told us they were on the side of the other San Diego Wyndham resort, which happened to work out for us because we wanted to go visit that one to see how much we liked it! Well we got to our restaurant on time & they were just clearing our table so we waited for a few minutes. I thought they were taking us to a cool inside table where you can kind of see the ocean so when we walked out to the patio & passed the first row of tables to get to the second row of tables right next to the window which looked right over the ocean you could imagine our surprise! They were so nice to us & the food was AMAZING I've never eaten such good food! It came to our knowledge later that we got that table because we were travel share owners (a free perk if you will )& that was great by us! (a side note. I love Wyndham & would recommend everyone check them out. nice resorts, nice staff & extra perks!)

These are of our view, from our table, as the sun set ( again those pesky clouds came rolling in at sunset time but it was still amazing!)As the sun sets.

At night.

Us at the end of our romantic, delicious dinner!

Walking on the beach.

The view from the pier.

The restaurant we ate at on the bottom of one of our resorts (not the one we stayed in. We stayed in the downtown resort. both were very cool!)
This was such a great day. One I will never forget by far!