Monday, June 29, 2009


I wont go into the why & the how I stopped liking camping but I did. I was convinced after a few years that I belonged in the city & I left my "country" side in my past. Well this past weekend we spent 5 days in the country & I fell in LOVE with it all over again. I was reminded why I love the small towns & how I would to want to reside in one some day.

We went with Robbie's mom,dad & brother & some of there family friends. We did some 4 wheeling, golfing (I didn't get any pictures of this, I did terrible but had a blast. I did get a 20+ foot putt in on one shot that won me a whole quarter!) we ate some wonderful meals, took some naps & got lost in a good book a time or two.

I still love the city but I am happy I found the "country girl" in me again the "spark" feels wonderful, comfortable & familiar! Most of these pictures will be on our 28 mile 4 wheel ride.
It was so beautiful!

This is one of the sunsets we had... the picture just doesn't do it justice!

Trenton LOVED taking rides on the 4 wheelers. He looks scared in this picture but I think he is just saying something!

This is the mountain we took the ride up into. Same picture just one is closer you can see some more detail.

Going up!

Same place just looking down in to the valley where camp was.

There was hardly anything in that valley a house here & there. So peaceful!

OK I know to you the reader you think these are all a little the same & maybe even boring but to me they were beautiful, a place I'll never forget!

This was the first time I had driven this 4 wheeler, Kenny ran along side of me telling me how to shift it. A few seconds later I'm doing great...then we come to a fork in the road & I have no idea which way our group went, so then & there it dawns on me that I was never told how to slow the bike down... so I start yelling help & the mountain is getting closer to me so I grabbed both breaks with a screeching scream & the bike slide three more feet on the rocks & I finally stop two feet away from the mountain wall. I turn around & both the boys (Robbie & Kenny) are almost rolling on the ground laughing at me, all I could do was laugh at myself it was pretty entertaining now that I wasn't going to be mangled! This is the same 4 wheeler I was just on. Robbie is doing much better then I did!

Kenny enjoying his ride!

I love this house. It was very secluded. It was a little run down but I LOVE it! It is the idea I picture when I think of the country. I would live in a house like that in a heartbeat!

This was on our way back to camp. I love him!

We were getting Trent ready for bed on our last night there. He wore this smile pretty much all weekend long!

Maddy was worn out by night fall. She did really good for only being 4 months old. She never ran away or barked at other campers. She loved it out there I almost felt bad making her & TC come home!

And finally my rockin' farmers tan err I mean burn! I know your jealous!

TC helping pack camp up. He just watched the boys bungee that down so he thought he'd give it a try! Love that little man!

We had such a great weekend. I loved every second of it (except the 3 x 2 shower with mostly cold water... I love my showers long & hot!) I can't wait to go again!

Friday, June 12, 2009

To have a child...

A little while back my sister in law,Emery, asked me a question. A friend of hers had written this one her blog...

"To have a child is momentous.It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body"~unknown(to me)

Emery's question to me was what did I think of that quote? This was my reply

"That is the best way to put it! Your heart aches when they sad or hurt.It rejoices when they are happy & content. Your heart sinks when you can't hear them,and it sings when they laugh & dances when they play! Your heart skips a beat when you see in their eyes they are proud to have you as a parent... I didn't know I could live with my heart running around outside my body, only to find that I STARTED to LIVE when it did."~Queli

I wanted to share my simple but true (to me) reply. After having Trenton my world changed, it's not just about me (& Robbie) anymore. I have the BEST one year old in my world & he depends on me for everything. It is an amazing feeling when you, after delivery, gain so many new talents AND the most precious mere pounds of joy you'll ever receive. Some of your many talents will be among these: You will become the best nurse the world has ever seen being able to "fix" any & all bumps, bruises, cuts, trip n'falls & I'm sure to a certain age heart ache will fall into this categorie. You also become the best friend a kid could have, they LOVE you & all the silly games you play,songs you sing & books you read to them. You are the best chef a kid could ask for & the most diligent maid any person has ever had! You don't even mind the stinky diapers after a while! It is amazing how in seconds you are terrified & then you here that first little cry & you have suddenly become equipped with all these things! Some people claim there are no miracles in this day & age,I say hold a new born & you'll see more miracles in that tiny baby then anywhere else in the world.

To my son: Trenton, thank you for picking me to be your mommy,your smile & laugh brighten our house everyday & I am thankful that I get to see & hear each & every one of them! love you buddy!

*The picture is Trents one month & my first mothers day.