Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eating healthy!

This is his first taste of an orange... He loved it!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mmmmmm!~New Moon

I'm just going to throw this out there for you to use as eye candy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My dads Birthday.

This month we celebrated my dads 60th birthday. What a blast! I had the honor to make his birthday cake, it was really fun to make. I was given the cake pans from mine & Roberts wedding so I made him a 3 tier cake it was YUMMY! So here are some pictures of the party & cake!

My dad opening his gifts

Dad enjoying his new chair!

Alyson the coolest sister in the world & her very amusing boyfriend bill (seriously he'll have you laughing your butt off in seconds!) they were playing with TC

Jake & Emery I love these guys they are fun to be around & great people ( My big Brother & Sister in law)

I didn't get a picture of my other brother & his wife Lisa but I have some for future posts! But I love them the same even with out a picture!

What a cool Mohawk! He new we did something silly to his hair! I love it! (this was done with sunscreen!)

This is how I frosted the cake,the Messy look.I have seen some wedding cakes done with this look & I really like it & wanted to try it...there is more to it than just slapp'n some frosting was fun! ( please don't mind the mess in the background I hate that!)

This is the finished product. It is "the hill" a few people didn't get it at the party but you read it from the bottom to top like you are climbing a hill...makes sense right!

I had a really good time making this cake for my dad & I am so thankful for him. He is such an awesome guy. Always nice & kind with a smile on his face. He is a good dad & I wouldn't trade him for anyone! He has such an adventurous spirit & is like a big kid sometimes!(on that note all of us kids got him a pass to sky dive for his birthday) he is always helpful & has always been able to fix broken things for me from little girl to a few weeks ago! He even built me a playhouse when I was a little girl it was by far the coolest playhouse in the world because my dad built it for me! Love you dad!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wet puppy!

Maddy is so little & gets dirty so fast! What a cute picture after a bath!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

A new bathroom & a puppy!

This will mostly be pictures! I will start with the old bathroom. (No judging that's why we did a new one!) & then the new bathroom & then our new puppy! & I'll throw a picture of my Big brother in there at the end because it is his Birthday today!

These fish were stuck on the walls. The people who lived here before didn't want to patch the walls so they left them...lucky me right!? I am happy to say ALL the fish like these (yes there were more!) have been relocated to the garage!

This was the best floor shot I could get, & the heater vent...well, I tried to replace that MONTHS ago & was shot down!

**Again I feel at this time in the post I should remind you not to judge!**

Can't go back now!

The hole in the kitchen... there is a matching one downstairs in the laundry room!
Out with the old & in with the new!

The new floor (it was just set down & drying.)
I love this.At first when it was in the box I didn't think much of it, but now I love it!
I really love this bathroom!

Trenton really loved the first bath in the new tub!

Thank you Kenny & Jake for all your hard work! You did great!

Now on to the Puppy!

Robbie & I are usually not into impulse purchases.I think about something for a few days/weeks & imagine what it would look like in the house or what it would be like to use it etc.& then one day when (3 days ago!) I was out looking for new towels for the bathroom (again!) I had the urge to go to Walmart...I HATE Walmart I was actually on my way to Kohl's (where I eventually found my new towels!) when I heard the "urge" again so I reluctantly passed Kohl's & went straight for Walmart. As I pulled in, there was an American bulldog on the corner for sale & I thought it might be fun for Trent to visit her...No he hated her. So as we were walking away I saw a van with a sign that said Shih Tzu Puppies....OK I LOVE shih tzus my brother & Sister in law have two & they are the cutest nicest puppies I've ever seen! So I looked & I fell in love with there last one...she was mine! I called Robbie & asked him to come see her & see what he thought & he fell in love with all 3 lbs. of her too!

*A side note to all of this is that Maddy wasn't really an "impulse"buy.About five years ago when we were first married I wanted a shih tzu puppy & was on the market,if you know anything about these little guys they can be A LOT of money,so I looked & I looked & I found one five states away.We set up the buy & bought the ticket for her to come join us. She didn't pass the health bill to fly so months & months went by & I needed a companion for Robbie's six month Cruise so we "cancelled" our puppy & started on the search for a cat I found one that weekend that I loved, Corrie & she has been my Buddie since day one.Now three days ago I found my shih tzu & brought her home to play with Trenton & Corrie! She has been a fun addition in our family!

Here is Maddy!

Look how little!Trent is really starting to like her.

& something silly!

I had to throw this picture in! This is Trent's toy box & he was leaning in further & further & we told him to be careful so being the one year old that he is he reached further & was eventually in so I had to get a picture as he was getting up! It was really funny!


Jason is my oldest brother.I really enjoy him & everything he brings to our family.He is kind,& funny, he is always making us laugh.He is successful & helpful & trusting & trustworthy & has a big heart!He is a great brother & uncle & I wouldn't have it any other way!I love you,thanks Jas!

And that is a long post for ya!Thanks for sticking around!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

The BEST things in life are free!

So this week with the remodel Trent & I have been "playing" more (with no housework to be done) & trying to stay out of the boys way & it has really been the best week.We have gone shopping & out to dinner with friends & lunch with family & we even went to the petting zoo, but the "free" thing that I am talking about here is a rock...Let me tell you why!

When I was a little girl we (siblings) would always collect rocks for my mom & she would stick them in a jar in her room by her bed. As I got older(teenage years) I thought it was a little strange for my mom to still have those rocks for so long...until two days ago!

Trent was outside with the big boys ie: his dad, uncle Kenny & grandpa(aka bump).They were having so much fun,he was throwing the ball to Kaity (bumps dog) & playing in the dirt & his daddy even gave him a short ride on one of the 4 wheelers(He LOVED that!)
I went inside to get dinner finished up & then called the boys in & Robbie was walking Trent up & stops in front of me & says "give it to mommy" I look down & in his little hand is the most precious gift I've ever received...a rock!
Until that very moment when I saw that little rock in his hands I had no idea how great a rock could be as a gift.I have now created my own "rock jar" & will keep it in our room every time we move.I'm sure it will take a while before Trent realizes this jar is around & I get more gifts from the heart to put in it, but I will look forward to the day they arrive!

My rock!

My rock jar!

Trenton, thank you so much for the wonderful gift.It makes my heart happy! I love you buddy!