Monday, April 27, 2009

My boys!

I have this picture up in my kitchen where I can enjoy it everyday. I love it! It reminds me to slow down & remember what is important to me in my life.These two bring happiness into my world by just being in it! I just wanted to share a little of my happiness with others who make me happy! Hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Old gal pals!

These are my BEST girls from High school.There is Trenton ,me,Holly,Stephanie,Michele & Natalie.Three of these lovely ladies are having babies this year(yay!) & we got together to have a baby shower/lunch. We get together about once a year with all five of us.(two of the girls live out of state) it really is a treat to see all of them at the same time. I love them & miss them. To my girls thanks for being so great & doing your part to keep our friendships strong!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dining out Ball = Top Gun & a check off my bucket list! hmmmmm!

The Dining out Navy ball. We had a BLAST!

We got all dressed up & got to "play" for the night with the rest of the U of U ROTC. The way that dining out works is like a 'training" night to teach the military how to dress & act in a dining in situation & to teach the dates the proper etiquette.At the dining out they also play piratical jokes & award silly awards & some other things... If you don't have full uniform on or talk without permission then you have to drink from the Grog.The grog is a toilet bowl full of ingredients such as hot sauce,chocolate,corn etc. This is what it looks like.

Yummy right?
Robbie never had to drink from it last night.lucky guy!

There were a few guys that had the party going which made the night pretty fun. BUT I had a little trick up my sleeve last night. I wanted to embarrass the guys last night, so during the break I went to the "Vice President"(the guy who gets all thing approved from the "president" for the night) & I told him how every since I was a little girl I would watch Top Gun over & over (I actually wore out 2 VHS when it first came out) & have always wanted to hear a room full of sailors sing "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" like they do in the movie. So after a little while I thought he had forgotten & then he brings it up & I'm thinking "fabulous the guys are going to have to get up & sing the song" Um no BIG backfire! He had all the sailors come to my table & crowed around me & the girls with me & sing "You've Lost That Lovin Feeling" ... It was AWESOME! I loved every second of it.Now my Bucket list wasn't to have them sing it to me that was just a plus it was to just to hear the sailors sing it in life not movie so here is the enclosed video please excuse the wiggles in the film I was in front of them & was trying to get all of them & I was laughing pretty good!

videoThis was a good time.Thanks guys!If you would like to see another angle of this video please visit Shanna's blog too she has some good shots in there!I'm happy the guys were all good sports about singing, it was fun!

The rest of the night was fun with games & jokes on other guys. The rest of these pictures are of our friends (in ABC order!) the Christensen's,the Myers & the Wyatt's.They all look very beautiful & handsome in their dresses & uniforms.

The Christensen's

The Myers

The Wyatt's

All of us.Sorry about the flash there in the background!

This is us,the Myers & the Wyatt's as we all got there before the dinner started.

videoThis is just one more video from last night.It was the Tricycle race between Peter's & is a little longer but pretty funny! At about 2:46 after the second spinning,what you don't see on camera all the way is that Rotunda gets so dizzy he just falls flat to the ground he really had no control over that.

This was our night. Pretty fun I'd say!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Five Years into Eternity

Today is mine & Roberts fifth anniversary!
What an adventure it has been so far!
I wanted to share some pictures from that special day.
I hope you enjoy!

I'm a little blurry in this photo,But I LOVE Robbie's smile in this picture.That is the smile I get when it's the two of us in our own moments...dates,grocery store visits & conversations,end of arguments smile... the smile I fell in love with!

Our rings & flowers

Getting ready to leave.

I love this picture!

The past five years have been some of my best. Everyday I fall in love with & appreciate Robbie a little more. He is a wonderful husband & father & I love him for all he does for us. He keeps me in line when I always think I'm right, helps me through my hard days & laughs with me everyday. He does little things that tell me he loves me, like put Christmas lights up on the house on December 15th,even though there are only 10 more days of Christmas,he knows it makes me happy, or plant strawberry plants in the backyard because they are my favorite! Listens to me practice a song on the piano for hours & never complains when I just can't get through a bar, he encourages me to keep trying! & so much more.

Honey I love you. Thank you for being you & being in my life!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A day with Trenton!

Yesterday was Trent's actual birthday & I got to spend the whole day with him! First we woke up & just played together.Then we had a lunch with 4 of my friends from high school at the olive garden.He liked all the attention he got with the ladies! We had the waitress & some others sing him happy birthday(he didn't know what to think of that!) & then he & I split a slice of lemon cake...YUM! After lunch we came home & he took a nap. Around 6 pm I woke him up to go to dinner with his grandparents & aunt & he was burning up. Robbie & I both took his temperature & got 103 so we took Trent to the ER. They took his temperature & it was 104.6 WOW that's pretty hot! While we were there they checked him out & came to the conclusion that he has a soar throat & both of his ears are infected...again. Poor guy.So they LOADED him up with medicine & sent us home with a prescription & a lot of papers telling us how to take care of him. They told us that we could take him out for his birthday dinner. After about 30 minutes with the medicine in him he was on cloud nine, doped up like you can't even imagine! We took him to dinner & he LOVED every second of it. We brought him home played for a while & then went to bed!

He seemed to of had a great day ,even at the hospital,he was all smiles & happy to see friends & family! This outfit is a little birthday outfit.I took this picture at the beginning of the day when his temperature was just starting to climb.He look really cute in it,just like a little man!

Happy Birthday little man!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Trents FIRST birthday party!

We had Trent's first birthday party this weekend & it was great! We had family over we did a BBQ with cake & ice cream, so much fun!

First we woke up just the three of us to finish the decorations Trenton was very helpful & very curious as to what his parents were hanging! then his guests started to arrive. One by one our family showed up with smiles,gifts & happiness in each of their faces to be here sharing ONE year with our awesome little man! Trent was very excited to see everyone & really didn't mind being the life of the party while we waited for our food to cook (good job on the BBQ honey!)

We set up a place on the hard wood floor with a "tarp" taped to the floor under Trent's high chair so he could make all the mess he wanted to! Trenton had a BBQ hot dog & whatever people could get him to eat I think it became a game with our guests & his dad to see what would Trenton eat! After the BBQ we moved to gifts. Trent being one didn't really know what was going on so when he found a toy that would make noise he stuck with it,he did get a dump truck that had his attention for most of the gift opening! He was given books (which he loves) toys,clothes, swim suite outfit right down to the coolest pair of flip flops, a promised day of shopping at baby gap & a saving account from his Grandma & Grandpa Jackman.He even got a gift card to Target to go pick out any toy or outfit he would like! how neat of a birthday party!

After that we put him back in his high chair over the tarp,brought in his monkey cake & sang the traditional birthday tune.Robbie & I blew out the candle for Trent & let him stick his hand in the frosting.After that I cut a piece off just for him to dig in to & well his did just that! He LOVED it & ate almost the whole huge piece I had cut off for him.after that he was giving a bath clothes & all & he LOVED that!

He was awake for a few hours after the party admiring each gift he was giving with mom & dad. Then he relaxed on the couch with a nice gourmet bottle & a party balloon! He had a great time with his friends & family & loved every second of his first birthday party! I really can not believe that I have a one year with a one year old wow! I have loved every second of the last year!We are so lucky to have such a wonderful person blessed into our lives!

Some pictures.

The cake ( I made this!)

The dump truck he loves. After he opened that he wanted nothing to do with the rest of his gifts!

Happy with all his new gifts!
Our little family!
"Guys this is so good!"


Playing with some new toys!

Ahhh what a good birthday party!