Saturday, March 28, 2009


So I was tagged to do this fun little game by my friend Caroline,it is called 6x6 here is how you play.

You go to your pictures...
Open your sixth folder then
open the sixth picture post it & blog about it...
so here it is!

This is Trent after his very first bath at home.He didn't like the cold air & he still cries sometimes when he gets out of the tub because of the cold!
What a cute little man if I do say so myself!

now it's your turn, lets play!... Emery,Shanna,Aubrey & Celeste I would like to see your 6x6!

Monday, March 23, 2009

This is Trenton's first birthday invitation. It took me a few months to finish them, only working on them when I had the time.It was fun! The first picture is the outside & the second picture is the inside.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trenton at 11 months

Trenton at 11 months old.

I can not believe our little guy is so grown up! I love these little Steelers PJ's he is so cute in them! Some things about our little man in the past month...

  • He has almost graduated the bottle.
  • He loves to feed himself with his fingers.
  • He LOVES books & sitting in your lap looking at all the pictures!
  • Loves bath time.
  • He is cranky in the mornings (like his mommy & daddy)... until he gets some cuddle time.
  • Loves Mexican food.
  • He is almost running which is really cute!
  • He has tons of hair in the back & it sticks out over his ears like "wings" I think it's almost time for a trim...sad!
  • He loves to play chase.

I can't believe that next month at this time I will be posting pictures of his first birthday.I hope the years slow down a little bit or before I know it he'll be off to college.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cupcake Cake!

So I have been a kick lately where I want to learn how to bake Yummy cakes & decorate them very pretty like! My husband on the other hand is not so excited about this new hobby because it means more money! But he likes the end result ...CAKE!!!!( no he doesn't really mind he likes that I have hobbies!)

My mom just had her 29th Birthday the other day & I had the family over for cake & ice cream.(any excuse to host a party will do for me!) I have this cupcake pan that I have been DYING to use & I LOVE it!I made her a yellow cake upon request & decorated it.

I'm going to take you step by step!

This is the pan.I think next time I will cook the two sides separately. The bottom didn't cook as well as the top.

This is the bottom all ready for decorating.The directions say to add a layer of frosting so the two pieces will stick together.That makes sense!

This is the top of the top,all ready to be placed.One thing about this... Once you place the icing on the cake you loose all the lines that are on it so you have to make up your own.That was tricky!

Together at last! I added jumbo sprinkles & a swirly candle & off to the side are his 6 mini friends!

A close up for it's portfolio!

Mom blowing out her candle.

And the end result! It was YUMMY!

* Note My mom is not actually 29 years old.She is 30! ;)