Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happiness is...

This picture is one of my favorites of me & Trent. We were just goofing around having fun!

I wanted catch up on all the little things & share them with you!

First I my weigh in date was the other day & I didn't post anythings so my weight is 154.4 & I went down 2 pant sizes YAY!!!Step by step!

My list of happiness is...

  • Losing the weight I wanted to loose!

  • Robbie,Trent & Corrie

  • Buying Trent some very cute polo shirts.

  • My family.

  • Finding 5 of the 7 Gilmore Girl box sets for 60% off!

  • Sunny days.

  • Rainy days.

  • Snowy night.

  • Lunch at a really good European place.YUMMY!

  • Mexican food.

  • Trent saying Ma, ma, ma, ma all day long!

  • Mini Nilla wafers (Trent loves them!)

  • March starting tomorrow!

  • Scrapbook stamps.

  • My new leg workout machine.

  • The new book I'm reading.

  • Sleeping in.

  • Movie & store bought pizza night.

  • The growing Tulips my mom bought for all of us girls in the family...very pretty!

  • New running shoes.

I hope you guys all have a very happy March & enjoy the spring weather!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trenton at 10 months

Trent turned 10 months the other day.It is so fun to watch him grow.I have taken a picture of him every month on the 11 for his baby book so the other day I thought it would be appropriate to take one of him being the "all boy" that he is. He is in just pants & he is climbing into our cats house I was doing the dishes & looked over to see his little legs sticking out of the bottom kicking up & down & giggles that were muffled.It was really very cute!

Some things that Trent has done & learned in the past month are

  • He says Ma Ma,Da Da,Ya-Ya & Ba-Ba we think Ba Ba is Bubba that is the crazy nick name Robbie came up with for him!
  • He walks...everywhere!
  • He plays the piano.pretty cute!
  • Feeds himself with his fingers.
  • Sippy cups it quit a bit.
  • When I am feeding him at home he will walk away & play until it is all gone then he walks back for is pretty funny & allows me to get a few warm bites of food.Yay!
  • Waves bye-bye
  • He has 8 teeth & isn't getting a break for one second as the molars start making their way up.poor guy.
  • Gives high fives.

I love our little man. He makes us smile & laugh everyday.I can't believe he is 10 months old.

Monday, February 09, 2009

This one is for YOU! Yep you my blog spot buddies.

I have have been blogging for about a month now & enjoy it quite a bit.I love reading all of my friends blogs & the fun thing that happen in your lives.But when I am on your blog spot I always wonder who the people are in your sidebars,how do you know them?A few of you have tons of people & then a few of you are just starting out & have only a few names.But I'm always in wonder!
So I wanted to talk about you guys to you guys.introduce each of you...are you still with me? I have 7 people on my sidebar & each of you have touched my life differently & left a small piece of yourselves in my heart.I'm going to go in the order that I've known you from longest to most recent I hope you have fun & take the compliments that I will shower you with!

Emery-(Jake & Emery)
How do I know her:
Emery is my sister-in law.
How long have I known her:
for 13 years.
About her & how she has influenced me.
She is wonderful! She has influenced me in many ways from decorating my house to the clothes I like to wear.She is a good wife to my brother & a good "mommy" to her puppies (who are adorable!) I have learned many things from Emery like meals to cook & when & how to stick up for myself.She doesn't know that, but I watch her. she's strong!
Memory of Emery:
One Christmas morning I spent with her & my brother when Robbie was out to sea.I slept over there & woke up with them to Santa's gifts it was a lot of fun! I think Emery is a wonderful person & I love her & admire her in so many ways!

*These next 3 are very close together I met them all in the Chesapeake ward around the same time.*

Amy-(Little yellow boots)
How I know her:
Church in Virginia.
How long have I known her:
5 years 2004 when I moved to VA.
About her & the way she has influenced me:
Amy is a GREAT mom she is very patient with her 4 kids & very loving with them.I didn't know what kind of mother I wanted to be until I met Amy & hung out with her & her family. I try to be a lot like her with Trenton. I always try to remember how she talked with her kids still being the adult but also very caring about the way they felt.Her kids will never be able to say they had a bad childhood! & they are great friends with each other, which is really cool. She is also very talented ,creative & spiritual.I don't think she knows she had that kind of influence on me.
Memory of Amy:
She was 6 or 7 months pregnant she had her oldest son & her twins with her & she & her husband drove 4 hours, both ways, to attend mine & Roberts Temple wedding.I thought that that was really cool of her.Where I'm sure she had a million things to do as a mother & a wife she set them aside for one day & shared our day with us.Thanks Amy!

Caroline-(The Farrell Family)
How I know her:
Church in VA.
How long have I known her:
About her & the way she has influenced me:
Caroline was always wearing a smile. She is very spiritual & trys to teach her kids the gospel in all of life's lessons even on family vacations.I think that that is very cool!
Memory of Caroline:
I didn't do a lot of one on one time with Caroline we hung out together mostly in groups but I remember playing games & having dinner at her house one time it was very yummy & loads of fun!

Megan-(the Ruddell Family)
How I know her:
church in VA.
How long have I known her:
5 years
About her & how she has influenced me:
Megan is a great wife & mother I think she is the "rock" for her family.She never puts her husband & son on the back burner, you know she puts them first by the way she is with them.I admire that.She finds a friend in anyone, it is pretty cool.She always made me feel important when we were hanging out. & I have never heard Megan say anything bad about anyone.
Memory of Megan:
One night Megan & I did some scrap booking together at my house she is very creative & it was a lot of fun.we mad mini calendars for our families for Christmas gifts hers turned out super cute!
Megan be ready for us next summer,the Florida beaches aren't going to know what hit them!

Aubrey-(The Wentworth's)
How I know her:
She was my co-worker at the dental office I worked at here in Utah.
How long have i known her:
Almost 2 Years
About her & how she has influenced me:
This one is tricky.I worked so close to Aubrey every day for a year that there are so many things I can say! She was a Trimester ahead of me in our pregnancies & would help me through the "new" thing I was experiencing. She is a hard worker she worked through all of her contractions one day I couldn't believe it & she barely made a noise of complaint,the only reason we knew she was contracting is because they would send her lurching forward every once in a while.The thing I love most about Aubrey is the way she would greet you for the day.It makes you feel SO important.She stops what she is doing her face lights up & she bellows the friendliest "hello" in your direction.This was not once every once in a while this was everyday.If you were having a bad day before then that fixed it! & working so close to someone you sometimes get upset with them.Aubrey wasn't that way for me, she was very patient with me & fun to be around! I missed her when she had her baby girl (adorable by the way!)She is a great mom & friend!
Memory about Aubrey:
We had a few hours on day where we could go to lunch together she took me to this cool pizza joint & we just talked it was a lot of fun. & yummy!
We still need to do that lunch Aubrey!

Shanna-(A day in the life...)
How do I know her:
Her Husband & Robbie work together in the Navy.
How long have I known her:
almost 2 years.
About her & how she has influenced me:
Shanna is the kindest,most giving,big hearted person I have ever met.If she can give it,she does. She keeps the Gospel so close in her life.She truly does find a friend in everyone.She is one of those people you just can't help but like. Contagious if you will! Shanna is my best friend. We have so much in common & like all the same things it is just easy to be around her.We understand the Navy wife code the same way.(Megan & Celeste probably understands as well!)& we help each other in any way that we can.& she makes shopping delightful!
One night our favorite place to shop,Gardner village,was doing a midnight madness so we went & shopped.We drove separately (coming form different sides of the valley!) & on her way she stopped at two stores (one closing) to get us some hot chocolate. It was such a cool surprise & a really fun night. Shanna I am really thankful you're in my have made the past 2 years a blast & I look forward to many more years friend!

Celeste-(The Cuckoo Christensens)
How do I know her:
Her husband also works with Robbie.
How long have I known her:
Just over a year.
About her & how she influences me:
She is a newly wed & all that that entails.She is so in love with her husband, it is fun to watch & remember we were once like that.She is very spiritual so I guess the things I learn from her are how to be in "new love" every once in a while with my husband & how to be a better person!
Memory of Celeste:
Celeste is always smiling & happy until you put a game in her hands then she has the best poker face I've ever seen! It's those quiet ones you have to watch out for! Good job on new years eve!

So it is long & I hope you took the time to read it see how you mean to me in my life.
Thank you all for your friendship. I love you guys & am happy you are in my life.I am thankful for this cool place blog spot so I can keep up with you guys & see how new things go on in you weekly lives.

A quote to leave you with is...
Be careful how you act,YOU may be the only standard work people may read.~unknown.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Whata' week!

I wanted to share my week with the has been a daisy!

Our cat had to be taken to the vet on an emergency visit.She ate some flowers that Robbie bought me days before & they were piousness...not good! We got her to the vet & taken care of & she is her same old self again! I think she was more upset about being in her bag then throwing up.
Trent was "helping" me with the dishes & found one of our sharpest knives (we keep these out of his reach I have NO idea how he got it) He makes a tiny noise & continues to play. That is when I noticed ALL the blood in the dishwasher.What??? Yep he cut the top of his pinkie finger & was bleeding everywhere.I had no idea he had cut himself until the blood showed up.No tears & screaming just playing in the dishwasher.
Well My 10 month old is freakishly strong & I couldn't get him to hold still by myself to get a band aid on sooo 2 band aids & a massacre looking kitchen & hall way (literally blood was starting to worry me) I had to call my mother-in-law who works 5 minutes away to come help me bandage this boy up.She called my Father-in-law & they both showed up at the same time.(I was very calm, blood doesn't send me into a panic so I was surprised but grateful for them both to show up!)So three grown adults & one 23lb boy tackled the half inch cut on his finger.What a day!
Robbie, Uncle Kenny & Trenton are in the living room playing after dinner,this is very fun to listen to,but the next thing you hear is a whirl of a cry go through the house.The boys were playing too rough & Trent lost his balance & split his top lip open..big time.
This was one of our smooth days no incident just an eye apt! YAY for contacts!
Robbie & I went on a well needed date & had G-ma Taylor watch Trent for us.
When we picked him up he had two new bruises on his face.One on his forehead & one on his chin.It was sad.Now don't get me wrong G-ma Taylor is a GREAT babysitter Trent just can't walk as fast as he wants to!
This was another no pain day!

I was chasing Trent & he went one way & I went another way. He fell & hit his head on the fire place rocks...That was bad! It didn't bleed just left a huge goose egg on his head.(that is the picture about 20 minutes after it happened.) he cried for about 1 minute & by the time I had ice for him he looked up at me & smiled like he was saying,ahhh mom that's nothing! (in this picture can also see one of his bruises from Friday on his chin)
I couldn't believe it! I am thankful Trent was "built" so Strong! A true blessing in our house!
Throughout the week we also had fat lips (multiple...mine). Tons of head hittings on walls as he tumbles down & more joyous giggles than I would have ever imagined for a week like this!

With this "bad week"some great things happened too.My Friend Shanna does a post that I am adopting she titles it Happiness is.In this blog each week she isn't bragging of the great things she is blessed with she is recognizing them & by doing so she is lifted up each week.I can tell.So I thought I would give it a try & focus on the great things that happen each week.So here is this weeks.

Happiness is...

  • Seeing Robbie as happy as a kid on Christmas day when he got his computer.
  • My new pink mouse for my computer.
  • Trent saying Ya Ya over & over all day long!
  • Date night.
  • Corrie being ok!
  • Trent walking in nothing but a cute!
  • Our fireplace. Now padded on the edges.
  • Time to practice the piano.
  • New running shoes.
  • Getting a GIFT of new jeans & fitting into some that are TWO sizes smaller than the ones I was wearing! YAY!
  • Lunch with Shanna.
  • & good conversation!
  • Dinner with friends
  • Rainy days.
  • Getting all of the laundry done & put the same day!
  • Getting a new St.Patricks day decoration.
  • Reading GREAT books...yep 2.
  • Finishing Trent's B-day invites.
  • Great friends.
  • Being close to Family.

I hope you all can take a few minutes each week & find the things that were good in it.I really believe that if we all did that we would live in a "happier"world.

~Till' next time!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Super bowl

Super bowl 2009.Steelers vs. Cardinals...What a great game!As you can tell in this picture we are Steelers fans & proud of it!
We spent the game at Robbie's sisters house Joni & her husband Jason(in the picture above.)& other family & friends it really was a great day.They had yummy food for us to munch on all day & fun conversation with old friends.
In the last five minutes of the game their power went out & the main TV had to re-power itself (which takes about five minutes!) I thought the boys were going to go crazy! Luckily the TV in their bedroom was still working so five grown men & a few others piled into the room to watch the game.In the last 35seconds of the game the TV came back on & everyone filtered in the TV room just in time to watch Roethlisberger of the Steelers throw the ball to Holmes (his name not what I call him!) No one in the room could move as we watched the ball fly,it glided though the air, an Arizona player missed the ball by a fingertips length & Holmes catches it with inches to spare in the touchdown zone.We win.We all let out or held breaths with roaring screams of joy Steelers take the super bowl, Six rings!!! (the reason Jason is holding a 6 in the picture!) The only team in the NFL to have six rings & it's the team we love! YAY Steelers!
We bought Trent a little Jersey of my favorite Steeler Troy Polamalu & he looked so cute in it.I have a picture of just him but it is on my phone so I will add it later this week just so you can see how cool he looks! Trent really enjoyed his first Super bowl. He got "hit" on by all the little girls there,danced to the half time show & ate till he dropped.He got so tired he fell asleep at the end of the game until the boys started to scream in the last few minutes I loved our little nap on the chair that "sucks" you in!

All in all we had tons of fun with our family on super bowl Sunday!