Friday, January 30, 2009

Trenton at 4 months

I was going through some pictures last night &
I found this one.Trenton was about 4 months old & we were trying the spoon again & this is what we got! He looks terrified!
He did really good that day.He really didn't like the rice cereal,this was the last time we tried the rice because I kept getting looks like this one.
He likes the baby food now,more veggies than fruits & he LOVES to eat whatever we have.I am so thankful we have cameras to catch cute little moments like this one.It helps us to remember them forever!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My beautiful view!

As I was doing the dishes one day I looked up to see this beautiful sunset. This picture hardly does it justice, it is so pretty.Everyday when I do the dishes I get to see the beautiful East mountains of Utah & my breath gets taken away. I love the window over the sink it is the best window in our house so many things to look at & such a great view!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A goal for 2009

I am committing myself to a goal.Some people call them resolutions,others goals & some people refuse to make such thing! I personally like resolution it just sounds fancy & I find myself not taking "goals" that I make through out the year very seriously. My Resolution is common with many this time of year,I want to lose my baby weight.I kept 20 lbs of baby weight & I am not proud of that & on top of that I was 15 lbs heavier than I wanted to be when I got it all adds up to 35-40 lbs. I started this life change on December 23, 2008. One more week was just too long to wait! My goal is small & simple not to overwhelm myself. I want to lose 1 (one) pound a week.I know that is small but by the end of the month it is 4 lbs & that adds up.My ultimate goal is 40lbs by October...see it makes sense! I have in the first month of my new lifestyle lost 5 lbs. 35 more to go! So each month around the 24th I will post my progress & a picture.I don't really have pictures for this post so I am using this picture from October 2008 as my "before" picture.( I will always have a full wardrobe on, no swim suites!) Now let me explain why I am using this picture & what the picture is.These are our friends from L-R Misty & Brandon, us, Adam & Shanna.The U.S. Navy has its birthday on October 13th.So the Saturday after the 13th the Navy has a Birthday Ball the guys don't like it as much as we do, but we LOVE it! We get to get dresses up & be rewarded for our hard duties as Navy wives(A title we hold honorably) this is a night that we get to be dined & danced with & not worry if our husbands are in danger. I chose this picture, one to share the night with you & two it is the best before picture I have & three this was the picture that made me want to lose the weight.In this picture I saw what everyone else looks at.The reason I say it like that is because in the mirror that night I saw a different girl, I saw the 40lb lighter girl, just one half hour later while we were taking these pictures I saw the 40lb heavier girl,it was the first time I admitted I put on weight.That was hard.But I guess the first step to change is admitting you need to. The reason my goal is October '09 is because I want to know that in a years time from this picture when we go to the Navy ball I can look back & see my progress.I can feel beautiful in the dress that I will wear.
So wish me luck & I'll have another picture for you in a month.I wish the best of luck to you on your New Years Resolutions!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here I am blogger world!

So I have finally joined the world of blogging!
I have,in many past days,read a lot of my friends blogs from all over the world & decided that I should create my own little space in the Internet world. I hope I don't bore you, So lets get started.
I am married to who I consider to be the best man in the world.He chased me for years until I finally came to my senses & realized what he knew all along...we are meant for each other.He is my best friend & hero.
Robert has been in the U.S. Navy for almost 7 years & is currently going to the U of U(tah) he is studying "the inner workings of the Earth"(quote by Adam M.)Geololgy.In about 1 1/2 years we will transfer to Pensacola FL. where Robbie will learn how to be a fighter pilot.I am so excited for him to be able to follow his dreams.Another reason I love him is because he works 2 jobs & picks up little jobs here & there so I can stay home with Trent he knows that that means the most to me.As I create this blog he is working a job until 2 am out in the freezing cold weather mingling with the stars.literally, he is working the front door at a sundance party!

We have a 9 month old son, Trenton.He is awesome! He is growing like a weed. some things about him.
* He has 8 teeth.Poor kid has been teething since 2 months of age!
* He's walking still wobbly but he does it!
*He eats everything & is pretty good at feeding himself with his fingers.
*He LOVES to "sing" & dance to music...super cute!
*He loves his keyboard & my piano
*He will copy the amount of times you tap something.
I love watching him grow I can't believe he is working on 10 months old,Wow it goes by so fast.

Some things about me.I am a stay home mom & I love it.Trenton really is the best "boss" I have ever had! I like to scrapbook & make cards ( thanks honey for supporting my fetish!),Play the piano,workout, hang out with friends host parties & cook & clean,crazy huh!(I'm OCD what can I say!) I like to Travel.I want to visit every state in America & go to Europe.I'm working on that goal,I have been to many states but no passport...yet! I loved living in Virginia & can't wait to get back to the East coast.If you have never been back east I recommend it!
Well I think that sort of catches you up.I'm going to go try to figure this fancy blog page stuff out...Did I mention I love to create & decorate!
stick around!