Monday, December 28, 2009

Our little...Girl!

We were able to see our baby last Tuesday & Wednesday it was so amazing. Tuesday was to check her our & make sure everything looked ok & Wednesday was to go back & get some fun pictures of her.(our tech was out of paper on Tuesday & had us come back on Wednesday) She is a lot like her big brother & kept her hands in her mouth almost the whole time( Trent did the same thing during the ultrasound) but she did give us some great shots! We can't decide on a name for her yet so feel free to drop some suggestions off while your here visiting!

Hope you enjoy the photos. I love them!

It is still sinking in, I always thought I'd have two boys but two days of confirmation says she is a GIRL!!

Her arm & her little fingers in her mouth.

Her profile & a little foot!

Her profile & some fingers!

Sucking her thumb this time.

This is my favorite. It is her profile & then a little right hand in the background.

Last is a little bit of a spine shot & a leg.

I can't wait to meet her. Next Dr. apt we will set up a date for delivery in May & all should be set in...unless she has a trick up her sleeve & comes early!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Helping with the Christmas Tree!

We put the Christmas tree up a few weeks ago & Trenton was such a big helper. Here are some photos of all the family fun we had that night.

We pulled out his Christmas books out,he was having a blast with them.He was loving the Christmas tree box...what a cool fort!He kept trying to put all the Christmas stockings on like socks.He has almost got it down. I thought it was so dang cute!Dad, Uncle Kenny & Trenton putting the skirt on. Our new Christmas tree. I love it!

We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where oh where is the beautiful snow....

We are heading into December this week & Utah is still sitting in the High 40's & low 50's not very inviting weather for the snow.( & not a usual pattern for Utah) It makes me oh so sad. So here are some pictures to hold me over till it shows up....Please Jack Frost come soon!

( Just a side note, I posted a Halloween blog today as well, if you are interested in seeing it it should be below.It has a fun little video of Trenton's Sugar rush!)

A lot late but a Halloween picture for ya!

Here are some pictures of Trent in his costume, he sure did look cute!

He was in his costume for about 3 hours. He did really well at not tuggin' on the top. We let him have a little bit of candy & a cookie that we had made. After we took his costume off he had a full on sugar rush I recorded it, it was so funny!

So this is Trenton on a sugar rush...So Cute!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pumpkin patch. (October 2009)

Last month we took Trenton to the Pumpkin patch & he hated it! He finally settled down when we put him on the tractor & then he didn't want to leave. I felt so bad when he started to cry & I had to remind myself that I have many more "end of playtime cries", this was the first one & I think I held my ground as the parent pretty well! Here are some fun pictures of the day!See he didn't like it very much!

In the corn maze.

I love this little smile!

My guys, my blessings.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Just some fun, silly photos of Trenton.

Trenton had his 18 month check up today & did really well. He is getting so BIG. He is 33 inches tall & weighs 26.5 lbs. he actually lost some weight since his last apt. three months ago but that is how the kids on my side of the family do it... come out big & strong & then level out for a few years! His personality grows everyday & he surprises me everyday with new things he can do! ( he is also entering terrible twos so he is getting a little stubborn like his daddy...I'm not stubborn at all...right!?!)

He loves his new red bucket.He carries it around the house full of toys,then he dumps them out & puts his head in it. (He has caught on to the look down while your walking with a bucket on your head so you don't fall concept!)He LOVES to climb on EVERYTHING. Here he has climbed onto the middle of our bed & is playing with the TV remotes...very cute. He also plays a chase game with us around the bed it is pretty fun!He climbs up on his rocking chair & reads his books.Dad is teaching Trenton to do pull ups.

He is trying to not smile at me while I was taking this one.

First I have to apologize to Robbie for snapping the picture while his eyes are closed...sorry honey! But this was the day I told Robbie about the new baby on its way & Trenton helped. I made his shirt to say "Big Brother" it was pretty cute! Robbie's original face was priceless!...Shock written all across it!

This is one of my new favorites. I was at a RS super Saturday & the Taylors were watching Trent for the morning & I got this picture sent to me. I guess he LOVED helping his "bump" cut the grass & cried if John stopped to empty the bag. Now I can send him out next summer to get a job! Ok probably not! (sorry it is so small)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cutest monster I've ever seen!

We bought this bath towel for Trenton... I LOVE it!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Bye, Bye Summer!

I just wanted to give Summer its proper fair well, for tomorrow the season Fall (I know not officially until September 22) begins. I am so happy about that! Well since you can still look out your window & see the green of summer I wanted to share my mood & remind you just how beautiful Fall can be!

And soon very soon winter & good old Jack frost will be nipping at our noses. Here are some beautiful pictures I love to have up on my computer.Ahhh I already feel cooler!

* these pictures were not taken by me. Courtesy of unknown people who posted their own beautiful experiences!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The last post out of 5 for San Diego. Such a fun week!

This was a good day we started by going to Old Town San Diego & did some looking around. We were told we needed to go to Cafe Coyote for lunch... I'm very happy we didn't miss that! The food was really good. They had three cute little ol' men walking around with their guitars singing to people. They would ask you if you wanted a fast or slow song. We picked a fast song & while I couldn't understand a word of it, it was very fun!

Yummy!The little ol' guys!

After lunch we went around Old Town & did some sight seeing it was fun.We went through an old house/court room/ theater/ store & I'm sure many more thing! The Whaley House ( & yes at one time or another in its working days it was ALL those things!) This house is considered Haunted on of the most haunted house in America...oooOOOOooooo. It was really neat to see it. I wont post many pictures of it ( I'm afraid I'll get carried away like the last post!) but one picture I have on here has a lot of the rooms on it... you'll see!

If you are interested in learning more about the Whaley family history here is a link it was pretty interesting!

Next we ran into this guy... he was already way to drunk for the day!

Fred seems harmless!

While we were walking we went past a fine jewelry store with guards & all. In the window was a simple sign that caught my eye. I am actually surprised they didn't stop me from taking the picture with jewelry in the window. I carefully missed the jewelry & got the very simple & very cool sign.

Sorry if I built that up more than you expected but to me it is awesome to find signs like this one!

A bike Robbie really liked outside one of the bars.

After a while we decided to make our way to Coronado beach for our last sunset in California & it was the perfect way to end our vacation. I loved every second of it! Robbie took a nap & I read my book with my toes in the sand. The weather was a PERFECT 69 degrees ( I had to wear a light jacket with my skirt after a while... LOVED IT) then when the sun was finally making its grand departure for the evening we got up & started playing in the water & taking about 100 pictures! Picture this... Walking out to soft sand with children laughing in the background & seagulls singing their happy song. Sitting watching nothing but the waves & the sun set,& being close to your best friend. It was the best! So good in fact I tried with all my might to convince Robbie to stay another day so we could just hang out on the beach all day till the sun set again... he almost gave in but wanted to come home to start his busy week. that's ok I guess!So here are a few of my favorite pictures of the night.

That was our evening at the beach! I can't wait to move close to the beach again there is just something so wonderful & peaceful about a beach. So far this one was my absolute favorite because it was cooler (we all know I love the cool weather over the hot) & just beautiful. I can't wait to make more "favorite" memories with my family as we grow together. Thanks for reading about our week in beautiful San Diego!

To my husband~

Thank you for such a wonderful week. You are my BEST friend & I love you with my whole heart. Thank you for providing for our family & working your tail off so we could enjoy this week with one another. I love you, Love me.